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October 16, 2022

ODX - 10 Years and Counting

10 Anniversary newsletter

ODX Celebrates 10th Anniversary!

The Optimal DX Platform is 10 years old! On October 17th, 2012 we had our first subscribers to what was then BloodChemSoftware! Since then, we have added over 3900 practices working in 74 countries delivering over 400,000 Functional Health Reports! We are nearly halfway to my goal of 1 million FHRs being delivered to patients.

I want to thank all of you that have subscribed to the platform. I am humbled that you choose us to provide these amazing reports for you and your patients. ODX is 100% supported by our subscriptions. Without you, there would be no ODX.

Thanks to Shane Redlick who has been with me since the beginning, and Liv, Daniel, Beth Ellen, Mike, Paul, Vanessa, Evellyn, and Jackie. We are a small but mighty team!

All the best,

The ODX Timeline


  • Shane Redlick, Shields Bialasik, and Dr. Dicken Weatherby meet online for the first time to discuss creating a Blood Chemistry Analysis software program. Shane is in New Zealand, Dicken and Shields are in Ashland, Oregon.
  • FMSoftware, LLC is formed, and BloodChemSoftware.com is purchased
  • The first test account is set up in the very first iteration of the new Blood Chem Software program.
  • The software program is written, tested, etc.


  • The first Beta testers get their accounts and provide valuable feedback on the software
  • October 17th, 2012 - We open the doors to the first subscribers to the brand new Blood Chem Software program!


  • Evexia Diagnostics becomes ODX's first lab integration partner
  • Protocols become a part of the Functional Health Report
  • 10 supplement companies added to the ODX database
  • Dicken becomes the sole owner of FMSoftware, LLC


  • Ulta Lab Tests integrates with software
  • Moss Nutrition joins the product catalog


  • Dicken and FMSoftware move to Vermont



  • FMSoftware becomes Optimal DX
  • BloodChemSoftware.com becomes Optimal DX.com
  • Mike Todd joins ODX to help with partnership and Joint Ventures
  • A new website is created
  • Work begins on the CORE interactive Functional Health Report



  • Dicken and ODX move back to Oregon
  • The ODX platform got a new look and feel
  • Daniel Correa joins ODX's development team


  • COVID-19! ODX goes 100% virtual. Despite social isolation, Shane, Dicken, and the team keep working on the platform
  • ODX Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature introduced
  • Optimal - The Podcast is launched
  • ODX Calculators added to the site
  • Mike Todd leaves ODX to start Wolf Bay Asset Management in Seattle
  • Evellyn Mascarenhas joins ODX Development team
  • ODX releases updated API



October 17th, 2022 - ODX
celebrates its 10th Anniversary!

The ODX Impact: Trusted by 3933 practitioners working in 74 countries delivering Functional Health Reports to 182,625 patients

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