Create Personalized Treatment Plans with Fullscript In ODX Now!

Integrate your ODX Account with Fullscript and add individualized supplement protocols to your Health Improvement Plans.

Optimal DX Is Your End-to-End Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Tool

Your patients come to you because they’ve got pressing questions about their health — by analyzing, tracking, interpreting, and reporting on blood chemistry tests with the Optimal DX Software platform, you can give them the answers they’re looking for. Now, with our Fullscript integration, you can give them solutions too!

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Simple: It transforms how you deliver patient outcomes.

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Key Features of Fullscript

  • Add a new revenue stream to your practice by dispensing supplements online.
  • Find products easily using a carefully curated ingredient database.
  • Incorporate supplements into your existing treatment plan.
  • Boost patient engagement and adherence with autoship, refill reminders, and treatment-specific handouts.
  • Optimize your workflow and avoid duplicating your work.
  • Recommend protocols and templates from Fullscript's evidence-based protocol library.
  • Complete your virtual practice while offering a personalized patient experience.
  • Keep patient information organized in one platform.

How to Integrate ODX and Fullscript:


1. Make sure you have an active ODX and Fullscript account.

Please note that Fullscript is only available in the U.S. and Canada

  • Sign Up for ODX
  • Create a Fullscript account (US)
  • Create a Fullscript account (CAN)



2. Sign in to ODX


3. Enable Fullscript Connection

  • On the Integrations page, select the Platform Tab
  • On the Platform page, click the blue "Enable Connection" button

4. Connect Your Fullscript Account to ODX

  • Once you have enabled the connection it is time to actually connect the accounts
  • On the next page, click the blue "Connect" button
  • Next you'll go and log into your Fullscript account!

5. Sign into Fullscript and Authorize the Connection

  • on the "Sign into Fullscript" page, enter your Fullscript credentials (email and password) or, Create an Account.
  • Click "Sign In" and you'll go to the final Authorization Page
  • Click the "Authorize Application" button
  • You will be re-directed back to the Platforms page in your ODX account where you can manage your connection

6. Manage Your Connection to Fullscript

  • On the Platforms page, you can now manage your Fullscript integration with your ODX account
  • Click "Manage Connected Users" to associate your ODX users with your Fullscript "Practitioners".
  • Click "Manage Connected Patients" to associate your existing ODX patients with their reciprocal patient record in Fullscript

7. Add a New Fullscript Treatment Plan Based On Your Patient's Blood Test!!

Create a unique and individualized treatment plan from your patient's Functional Health Report! Using the entire Fullscript catalog or a curated list of "ODX Recommendations" selected by ODX and the Fullscript Integrated Medical team, you can build a unique health concerns-based treatment plan. Once the treatment plan has been finalized, click the "Create treatment plan in Fullscript" button to create the prescription in Fullscript. Activate the treatment plan from within ODX and the patient is sent the prescription so Fullscript can fulfill the order.  


8. Run your Health Improvement Plan Report

A Health Improvement Plan takes your Health Concerns-Based treatment plan and using ODX's reporting engine creates a unique graphically-rich report for the patient. Your personal message is presented in its own report along with a Health Concerns view of the prescription with relevant biomarker information from the Functional Health Report. You also get a Product Summary report which is ideally printed and added to the refrigerator door to remind the patient when to take the products you have prescribed. Health Insights + Health Solutions = Optimal Health

Create Personalized Treatment Plans Now!

Integrate your ODX Account with Fullscript and add individualized supplement protocols to your Health Improvement Plans.