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In the hands of the right practitioner, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis can be a powerful tool to track down answers to your most pressing health questions.


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When your condition doesn’t fall into a neatly defined category of disease, it can be challenging for allopathic physicians to find the time or approach required to treat you. With Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, you’ll find practitioners who focus on you first; not on disease. Functional practitioners are trained to improve your health and wellbeing, even if you don’t fall into a narrowly defined clinical diagnosis.

How Our Users Are Delivering Patient Outcomes

When medical practitioners offer Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis through the Optimal DX Software platform, their patients see massive benefits.


“With the patients that we work with, the common thing is they say, ‘I’m not feeling very well. I’ve got all these signs and symptoms going on. I go to my doctor. I get this test that’s meant to be the gold standard for identifying what’s going on.’ And the doctor quickly runs through, ‘Well your kidneys are looking good. Your liver is looking good. Your cholesterol is a little bit high. There’s no anemia, and basically everything seems to be normal,’ and yet the work that we do, I very rarely see a normal test.”

Dr. Dennis GodbyNaturopathic Doctor at the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center


“I get a wealth of patients that come with very large previous laboratory testing and elaborate evaluations from specialists in various areas. And it’s always some sort of a detective work for me to figure out what was not looked at, what is the underlying condition on each one of those patients, and to try to address those. [...] I am not against conventional medicine at all. I think it’s very helpful and it has its place. I often collaborate with specialists who refer patients to me all the time and I enjoy seeing my returning patients doing well, improving, and being motivated to stay on path for health.”

Dr. Ionela HubbardAssistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Curriculum Director at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine


“I find, after doing this for 30 years, and 6 to 7,000 patient visits, that there are acres and acres of diamonds locked, trapped inside of these medical reports that have escaped the prior clinical teams that have looked these, and I ascribe a lot of the value the patients get in working with me to what I’m able to uncover that previously was overlooked.”

Dr. Brad RachmanMedical Director of the Rachman Clinic in Black Mountain, North Carolina


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