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The Knowledge Base

Putting the Tools in Your Hands

You’ll find all the information you need on all things Optimal DX in our Knowledge Base. Learn what’s new with our software, find answers to billing-related questions and so much more.

Getting Started with ODX — The Video Series

Quickly get to the heart of what you can accomplish with the Optimal DX Software with our series of short walk-through videos.

ODX Software Overview

This video will give you an overview of the ODX Software program and quickly walk you through its various features.


Report Center Overview for the Interactive Core Report

Watch to see an overview of ODX's report center to show you how to generate the interactive core Functional Health Report.



Creating Protocol Templates

This video walks you through how to create protocol templates in ODX


See an ODX Demo

Activating the Fullscript Integration

This video demonstrates how to activate the integration between your ODX account and your Fullscript account


Using the PDX Parser

This video walks through how to import lab test results into the software using ODX's PDF Parser Tool


See an ODX Demo

Build a Treatment Plan from an FHR

A walkthrough video demonstrating how to save time going from an FHR straight to a treatment plan


Building a Fullscript Treatment Plan

This video demonstrates how to build a treatment plan from a blood test using the Fullscript integration:


Building a Default Treatment Plan

This video demonstrates how to build a treatment plan from a blood test using ODX's database of "default" products


Add a New Patient

This video provides a quick overview of how to add a new patient into your software program.


Add New Blood Test

See a quick overview of how to add a new blood test into the system and generate a patient and/or practitioner report.


Add "My Products" into ODX

This video demonstrates how to add your own products so you can build treatment plans with your own products


Add Your Own Practitioner Report Notes

This walkthrough video demonstrates how to create detailed notes for each patient lab test. Optionally, include these notes in your reports.

Clinical Reference Tools

This video will show you the clinical reference tools that are built into the software and integrated into the practitioner reports.


Upload Your Own Practice Logo

Watch this video to learn how to upload your logo and brand your reports.


Manage & Edit Blood Tests

This video shows you how to manage and edit a patient’s blood test.


Manage Existing Patients

Watch to learn how to find and make changes to an existing patient record.


Unit Conversion Tool

See a demonstration of the unit conversion tool that is built into the software. Quickly convert between US and SI units and vice versa.


Custom Lab Templates

This video will show you how to create customized lab templates within the software so you can save time with your lab data entry.


Import Patient Records

Watch this video to learn how to import your existing patient list from a spreadsheet.


Practice Admin & Settings

In this video, you will learn how to make changes and edit your personal and practice administration settings in your software account.


Adding Your Profile Photo

Watch to learn how to add your profile photo into the ODX application. Your photo will be incorporated into the Core Functional Health Report on the cover page.


Importing Lab Results

This quick video shows you how to import lab results from one of our lab integration partners.


Merging Lab Test Results

Watch this quick video to learn how to merge two lab test results into one record.


The "Ask Me Anything" Feature

This video demonstrates how to use the "Ask Me Anything" feature to submit your clinical questions to be answered on our AMA Podcast.


Add FHR "Saved Groups"

This video demonstrates how to use the "Saved Groups" feature in the FHR Report Center. You can use this feature to pre-select the reports you want to add to your FHR


Follow-Up Reminder

Watch to learn how to set up follow-up reminders in the software.


Manage Auto Calculators

This video demonstrates how to edit the auto calculators built into ODX so you have full control of what is calculated for inclusion in your FHRs


ODX's Billing Page Walkthrough

Walkthrough Video on how to manage your billing information, subscription, and add-ons.


Let's Get to Work!

Ready to create true practice success? The Optimal DX membership is here to help you deliver insights into your patient’s health and generate intuitive, comprehensive Functional Health Reports and customer blood test-specific treatment plans.