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Complement Your Services with FBCA

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and acupuncture have more in common than you might think — discover how your treatment plans impact your patients’ blood biomarker profiles with the Optimal DX Software platform.

The Optimal DX Difference for Acupuncturists

As an acupuncturist, what do you stand to gain from the Optimal DX Software platform?

Save Time Where functional blood test interpretation used to take hours, now acupuncturists can complete analysis, interpretation, and report generation in less than 15 minutes. Getting started is fast, too: Users report they’re able to run reports within 10 minutes after setting up their ODX account.
Complement Outside Testing Often, patients come to their acupuncturists as a secondary medical resource to their primary physician — let them know that you can derive more actionable health advice from the blood test results they receive from their other doctors..
Diagnose and Educate Using the Optimal DX Software, you’ll be able to more rapidly assess patient dysfunction and generate easy-to-understand reports that clearly describe what’s going on with your patients. Once they understand how their health relates to their blood biomarkers, they’ll be able to take greater ownership over their own journey to optimal health.
Create Additional Revenue Offering Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis generates a number of additional revenue streams for your practice. The testing, reporting, review of findings, product recommendations and follow-up visits all represent valuable services you can provide to your patients. View Treatment Plan Builder

What’s in a Functional Health Report?

Learn more about the 16 different report modules available to you when generating your Functional Health Report.

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Implement FBCA In Your Practice

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of implementing Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis in your practice by downloading our guide, The FBCA Blueprint: How to Implement FBCA into Your Clinic.

Hear From Our Acupuncturist Users

Across the globe, acupuncturists are experiencing the difference that the Optimal DX Software makes in their practice.


“I would say that any acupuncturist that practices in a state in which they are allowed to order laboratory testing should make an effort to become familiar with the various tests available to them and to utilize them all the time in their practice. [...] I don’t think I have enough words to motivate one to use the laboratory testing available to them.”

Dr. Ionela HubbardAssistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Curriculum Director at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine

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“Dr. Weatherby, I bought your book many years ago and have been utilizing your optimal values to assess my patient’s lab results ever since. Thank you so much for your contribution to medical knowledge! It has been a tremendously important tool for improving the health of my patients as well as building my practice. Patients often came to me with their labs from another provider because I did such an in-depth job at reviewing them. They loved that I took the time to go over the labs and was able to give them an actionable plan to support their future health. I had an extremely busy successful practice in WA state and I utilized optimal lab value reviews for thousands of patients. Thank you again!”

Dr. Lanika BuchananNaturopathic Physician, Licensed Acupuncturist


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