Make Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis An Indispensable Diagnostic Tool For Your Acupuncture Practice

Revolutionize your Acupuncture practice by offering Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) to your patients. FBCA and the in-depth, professional Functional Health Reports generated by the blood chem software program will not only help you serve your patients better but also help you improve your patient outcomes. FBCA will help you not overlook certain trends that may have been subtle enough to have been overseen in the past. Allow the in-depth, professional Functional Blood Chemistry Reports to enhance your knowledge and clinical experience so you can help your patients really understand what's going with their physiology so you can bring them back to a state of true health and wellness.

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Patient & Practitioner Report Versions

Generate patient-specific as well as enhanced practitioner-only reports.

Custom Branding

Include your own logo and practice contact information.

Include One Or Multiple Reports

You choose whether to combine multiple reports into a single PDF, or print them off separately.

Add Your Own Notes

Add your own patient-specific text to the report such as chief complaints or patient health goals.

Hear what a fellow Acupuncturist has to say about Blood Chemistry Software

Dr. Ionela Hubbard Is Working Smart Now!

“I would say that any acupuncturist that practices in a state in which they are allowed to order laboratory testing should make an effort to become familiar with the various tests available to them and to utilize them all the time in their practice.

I think that will serve their patients, it would give them additional tools to improve patient outcomes, and I don’t think I have enough words to motivate one to use the laboratory testing available to them.

The [blood chem software] is a fabulous tool that has helped me not overlook certain trends that might have been subtle enough to have been overseen in the past.

It is not always easy for patients to make a financial decision for their follow-up visit or for purchasing dietary supplements. I have a cash practice and that is harder for patients to come up with the amount that’s needed for their health. But I have noticed that since I have been using the software, scheduling the follow-up and patients actually sticking to that follow-up schedule has been much easier for me. I do not have to remind them how important it is to do the repeated tests. I do not have to convince them and my person doesn’t have to be on the phone trying to reschedule a canceled appointment. This has been very, very good for my practice, both from a time management for my personnel and myself as well as the revenue stream.”

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Frequently Asked Questions by Acupuncturists

Answers to some common questions.

How is the software going to save me time in my practice?

This program was designed to be extremely easy to use. Users have reported that they were able to run reports within 10 minutes of setting up their account. Experience from users have shown, over and over again, that using the software saves a ton of time. Dr. Kasi Rote told us in her Success Story Interview that before the software she was spending over an hour on each functional blood test interpretation. Now it takes her about 15 minutes to enter the data, generate a report and look over the interpretive findings. Then she’s ready to go in and present her report of findings.That 45 minutes can be better spent seeing more patients, which in the long run will add more income to your practice!

I see my role as a health educator to be equal to if not more important than my role as a diagnostician and treating physician. How is the software going to help me be a more effective health educator?

If you can figure out what’s wrong with somebody and know the right treatment but you can’t educate them or communicate in a way that they understand what’s going on with them, then to some extent you’ve lost. You know you’ve lost because ultimately they won’t follow through.  Study after study validates that a patient’s compliance with a required and recommended treatment increases dramatically when they fully understand what’s going on with them. And the difference between having a lab report with a bunch of numbers and a bunch of written out fancy names of analytes with a couple of chicken scratches on it versus 20 plus visually rich textured pages with very practical patient centered information about what’s going with them is huge.

Multiple users report that their patient’s are jaw droppingly impressed to know that they’re going to leave the office with a full report that describes every single analyte and what it means to them relative to their clinical presentation. Imagine sitting down with your patients at the beginning of your report of findings appointment and say “You’re about to learn more about your body than you ever have before.  And by the way, it’s all printed out for you and instead of the few pages that you typically have gotten from doctors in the past, I printed out these 23 pages, which explains everything to you.” They’ll all sit back in their chair and breathe a sigh of relief because, at last, somebody is getting them.

Giving them an enduring copy of the information presented in your clinical case presentation will make the difference in successful treatment because you’ll now have a patient that’s well educated and a patient that understands the need for and the rationale behind the treatment regime that you’re going to recommend for them.  And moreover, they will come back in with that report for follow up discussions because they see it as an important learning document. You’ll know it’s important to them because you’ll see them carrying it with them, it’s something they’ve saved, and it’s something that they’re using. So we cannot overstate the value of having such a detailed report to be able to motivate and inspire patients relative to their health.

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