Back Your Assessment up with Data

Using Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, you’ll gain irrefutable, data-driven evidence that reinforces your health assessment and the impact of your intervention.

The Optimal DX Difference for Health Coaches

As a health coach, what do you stand to gain from the Optimal DX Software platform?

Create Additional Revenue Offering Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis generates a number of additional revenue streams for your practice. The testing, reporting, review of findings, product recommendations and follow-up visits all represent valuable services you can provide to your clients.
Save Time Where functional blood test interpretation used to take hours, now health coaches can complete analysis, interpretation and report generation in less than 15 minutes. Getting started is fast, too: Users report they’re able to run reports within 10 minutes after setting up their ODX account.
Assess and Educate Clients are more likely to comply with your recommendations when they fully understand their condition. No more lab reports obscured by technical data; instead, provide your clients with 20+ visually rich pages containing practical, personalized and client-centered information on their health.
Complement Outside Testing Often, clients come to their health coach as a secondary medical resource to their primary physician — let them know that you can derive more actionable health advice from the blood test results they receive from their other healthcare professionals.

What’s in a Functional Health Report?

Learn more about the 16 different report modules available to you when generating your Functional Health Report.

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Build Your Functional Knowledge

Learn how to provide Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis at your practice from the experts at Optimal DX. In our FBCA Mastery Training, Optimal DX’s Dr. Dicken Weatherby will walk you through everything you need to know about Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis in a 12-week course.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Hear how our customers have transformed their practice with the Optimal DX Software platform.


“The ODX Blood Chemistry course with the certification option was hands down one of the best courses that I have ever taken. I have over 16 certifications and counting and this was top 3 hands down. It packs some much applicable information into 12 weeks that by the time that you are done, it will significantly elevate your blood chemistry analysis skills.”

Travis ZipperFounder of Wellfitz Mentorship

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