Import Your Blood Test Results from Rupa Health Into ODX Now!

Import Your Patient's Access Medical Lab Test Results and Create Functional Health Reports in Seconds!

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Your patients come to you because they’ve got pressing questions about their health — by analyzing, tracking, interpreting, and reporting on blood chemistry tests with the ODX Platform, you can give them the answers they’re looking for. With our updated Rupa Health integration, you can get your patient's lab results into ODX in seconds and start creating Functional Health Reports!

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ODX + Rupa Health

Optimal DX is proud to announce its partnership with Rupa Health, an innovative leader in the lab testing world. Rupa is free to practitioners. No membership. No subscription. Your patients get discounted wholesale prices plus a 7% service fee.

Key Features of Rupa Health

Orders can be sent directly to your patient for online payment, or your practice can pay up-front and charge patients separately.

For You

One Portal for Ordering
In just a few clicks, order from multiple lab companies in one place with Rupa’s HIPAA-Compliant Lab Portal.

Rupa Fills Out Requisitions
No more filling out detailed requisitions for each test. Simply enter a patient’s email address, and Rupa handles the rest.

Drop Shipped Kits
Tests shipped directly to the patient's home. No more in-office inventory for you and no more carrying kits for the patient.

Tracking & Results in One Place
Quickly determine a patient’s lab status at a glance. Receive PDFs of all results in your Rupa portal.

For Your Patients

Seamless Payment
One invoice for all labs, paid online, upfront. Rupa gives patients multiple payment options: Credit, Debit, HSA, FSA, or a 3-Month Payment Plan.

Patient Support
Rupa guides your patient every step of the way: Sending cheat sheets, sample requisition forms, and customized phlebotomy options.

Rupa Handles Specimen Issues
Rupa keeps constant communication with the labs. If sample issues come up, they handle them directly with your patient.

Improved Follow Through
Rupa checks in with your patient at the 2-week mark to encourage test completion and to see if they have any questions.

How to Integrate Your Rupa Health Account with ODX:


1. Make sure you have an active ODX and Rupa Health account.

Please note that Rupa Health is only available in the U.S.

  • Sign Up for ODX
  • Create a Rupa Health Account



2. Sign in to ODX 

Step 1

3. Enable Rupa Health Connection

  • On the "Rupa Health" tile, click the blue "Enable Connection" button.
Step 2

4. Connect your Rupa Health Account to ODX

  • Once you have enabled the connection, it is time to connect the accounts
  • On the next page, click the blue "Connect" button
  • Next, you'll go and log into your Rupa Health account!
Step 3

5. Sign Into Your Rupa Health Account

  • on the "Sign in to your account" page, enter your Rupa Health credentials (email and password).
  • Click "Sign In" and you'll go to the final Authorization Page
Step 4.

6. Authorize the connection

Click the blue "Authorize" button to allow Optimal DX to access your Rupa Health account

Step 5

7. Your ODX Account is Now Connected to Rupa Health

Once you authorize the connection, you'll be sent back to the integrations page on ODX.

You'll see that your Rupa Health account has now been connected.

Click the blue "Manage Connection" button if you want to disable the integration

Importing Rupa Results

8. How To Import Rupa Health Blood Tests

Once the connection is made between Rupa and ODX, any Access Medical Lab test results that come into your Rup account will automatically be sent to your ODX account.

When you log into the ODX Portal, you'll see a number under the "Awaiting Import" tile on the dashboard telling you the number of tests waiting to be imported. 

Click the gray "Import Blood Tests" button to go through the import process. There are introductory videos on that page that show you how to import and go straight to the Report Center. All in a matter of seconds!

Import Your Access Medical Lab Test Results from Rupa Health NOW!

Use your ODX Account with Rupa Health and automatically add all the blood biomarkers from your patient's Access Medical Lab test results directly into your ODX account and start running Functional Health reports in a fraction of the time!