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As a clinical nutritionist, you know sometimes it can be difficult to see the fruits of your labor. You may craft the perfect nutrition plan but without a peek into your client’s individual biochemistry, it can be difficult to know if adjustments to their nutritional intake is having a positive effect.

The Optimal DX Difference for Clinical Nutritionists

As a Clinical Nutritionist, what do you stand to gain from the Optimal DX Software platform?

Observe Trends Over Time To fully understand the impact of your recommendations, clients need to see the change in their blood biomarker profiles — the Optimal DX Software provides historical reporting plus a built-in test comparison tool, featuring an intuitive thumbs up or thumbs down icon to mark whether there is improvement or not.
Assess and Educate Clients are more likely to comply with care plans when they fully understand their condition. No more lab reports obscured by technical data; instead, provide your clients with 20+ visually rich pages containing practical, personalized, and client-centered information on their health.
Identify Dysfunction Early On Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is the perfect tool to identify metabolic dysfunction and disease risk early on, at the stage where prevention is possible. An FBCA can also support your nutritional diagnosis and help guide effective intervention.
Build Nutritional Treatment Plans Using the Optimal DX Treatment Plan Builder, you’ll be able to quickly generate treatment plans personalized to your patients’ blood test results using supplement recommendations from Fullscript and leading supplement companies. ODX Treatment Plan Builder

What’s in a Functional Health Report?

Learn more about the 16 different report modules available to you when generating your Functional Health Report.

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Implement FBCA In Your Practice

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of implementing Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis in your practice by downloading our guide, The FBCA Blueprint: How to Implement FBCA into Your Clinic.

Hear From Our Clinical Nutritionist Users

Across the globe, Clinical Nutritionists are experiencing the difference that the Optimal DX Software makes in their practice.


“I love Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, I just love it. I learned about Dr. Weatherby’s work in 2013. My intellectual curiosity was piqued and then satisfied as I dug into the clinical rationale and reasoning behind optimal ranges and the early identification of metabolic dysfunction.
Much of my early clinical nutrition career was spent in the intensive care unit monitoring daily blood work and adjusting nutrition support accordingly so I have always appreciated the value of blood chemistry. Now I see firsthand the value of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis for the general public. It is an indispensable tool for identifying trends toward dysfunction as well as identifying the efficacy of nutrition and health interventions.
I am proud to have joined Dr. Weatherby’s team as I dig in and share the research that confirms that functional blood chemistry is the way to effectively monitor and improve health from the inside out.”

Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RDN, LDNClinical Nutritionist

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Our Clinical Nutritionist Customers

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