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"It has definitely been a big part of why my business has been very successful over the last few years since we've implemented it."
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Dennis Godby
Dr. Dennis Godby Naturopath
“Since I have been using the software, scheduling the follow-up and patients actually sticking to that follow-up schedule has been much easier.”
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Dr. Ionela Hubbard
Dr. Ionela Hubbard Licensed Accupuncturist
“See a train wreck before it’s going to occur or to note when there is change occurring in a patient’s physiology ahead of where the symptoms are.”
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Dr. Brad Rachman
Dr. Brad Rachman Functional Medicine Practitioner

Product Lines available to be included in patient health improvement reports

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Gain Insight Into the State of Health in the Following Functional and Nutrient Systems*

Acid-Base Balance Adrenal Function Allergies Blood Sugar Regulation Bone Health Cardiovascular Risk Electrolytes
Gallbladder Function Gatrointestinal Function Heavy Metals Immune Function Inflammation Kidney Function Lipids
Liver Function Oxidative Stress Prostate Function Sex Hormone Function Thyroid Function Toxicity Carbohydrate Status
Fat Deficiency Status Hydration Mineral Status Protein Status Vitamin Status    

Get a Sense of the Probability of These Clinical Dysfunctions and Nutrient Deficiencies*

Adrenal Insufficiency Adrenal Stress Anemia Atherosclerotic Process Bacterial Infection Biliary Insufficiency/Stasis Biliary Obstruction
BPH Calcium Need Congestive Heart Dysfunction Copper Need Coronary Artery Insufficiency DHEA Need Dysbiosis
Dysglycemia Endothelial Dysfunction Fatty Liver – Early Stage Fatty Liver/Steato Gastric Inflammation Glutathione Need Gout
Helicobacter pylori Hyperthyroidism Hypochlorhydria Hypoglycemia Hypothyroidism – Primary Hypothyroidism – Secondary Hypothyroidism – T4 under conversion
Immune Insufficiency Insulin Resistance Intestinal Hyperpermeability Intestinal Parasite Iodine Need Iron Deficiency Iron Overload
Liver Cell Damage Liver Cirrhosis Liver Dysfunction Magnesium Need Metabolic Acidosis Metabolic Alkalosis Metabolic Syndrome
Molybdenum Need Muscle Atrophy/Breakdown Pancreatic Insufficiency Renal Disease Renal Insufficiency Selenium Need Testosterone Deficiency
Thiamine Need Tissue/Cell Damage Type 2 Diabetes Viral Infection Vitamin B12/Folate Need Vitamin B6 Need Vitamin C Need
Vitamin D Need Zinc Need          

* This Site should be considered as adjunctive support to diagnostic medicine and is not intended to be, nor should it be construed as, a claim or representation that any treatment, process, or interpretation constitutes a cure, palliative, or ameliorative. This Site is not for the purpose of medical diagnoses or treatment, nor is it a substitute for medical or professional care or counseling. This Site does not constitute an attempt to practice medicine.

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The State of Wellness Revealed

We use the latest in research and practice to combine your patient’s data from standard blood tests with powerful, proprietary algorithms, logic and commentary.

Patterns are analyzed, the state of wellness in Functional systems are revealed, and personalized healthcare recommendations are suggested to correct underlying physiological imbalances and reduce long-term health risks.

Deliver to your patients the deepest insight available into their health.

The State of Wellness Revealed

The Ground-Breaking Book That Started It All

The Blood Chem Software program is based on Dr. Weatherby’s best-selling “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis” book and many years of research and practice.

By combining a collection of rules, scoring, weighting, probability, uncertainty and inference, we’ve produced the most powerful analytical and interpretive reporting software of its kind.

Thousands of practitioners rely on this book to help them do functional analysis of their patient’s blood tests. Now – take it to the next level with the only blood chemistry analysis software program based exclusively on Dr. Weatherby’s pioneering work in the field of functional blood chemistry analysis.

Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis Book

Meet Dr. Dicken Weatherby

Dr. Dicken Weatherby is a world leading expert in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. He graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon in 1998. His bestselling book “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis – Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective“, has become a seminal text on the functional analysis of blood test results.

In 2012 he released the ground breaking Blood Chemistry Software program to make it easier for health care practitioners to extract functional and nutritional information from their patients’ blood tests and to give them a powerful analytical reporting tool to use with their patients.

Read Dr. Weatherby’s story

Dicken Weatherby
“If you can master the skill of functionally assessing your patient’s blood test results, you will hold in your hand the key to unlock virtually any case that walks through your door.”
- Dr. Dicken Weatherby, creator of “Blood Chem Software ”