Gain a Powerful Complement to Your Services

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis helps allied health professionals like nutritionists, nutritional therapists, health coaches and more stand out from the crowd and gain a data-backed method to inform their services.

Nutritional Therapists

Become Part of Your Client’s Healthcare Ecosystem

Nutritional therapists play a huge role in their clients’ health. Now, you can use clients’ blood tests to become an even more tightly integrated part of your clients’ healthcare journeys. Interpret and analyze blood test results, tailor your advice and observe the impact of your recommendations. Become more involved in their healthcare journey by interpreting blood test results from their primary care physician or ordering blood tests yourself.

Health Coaches

Observe the Impact of Change

As a health coach, you encourage your clients to change their lifestyle for the better. With Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, you can gain clues that inform what changes will make the greatest impact, observe how your services are affecting your clients’ blood biomarker profiles and watch as they trend towards better, optimal health.

Build Your Functional Knowledge

Learn how to provide Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis at your practice from the experts at Optimal DX. In our FBCA Mastery Training, Optimal DX’s Dr. Dicken Weatherby will walk you through everything you need to know about Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis in a 12-week course.

What Our Allied Health Professionals Have to Say

Hear how our customers have transformed their practice with the Optimal DX Software platform.


“The Blood Chemistry Software and the Functional Health Reports will make any practicing healthcare professional more effective and enable them to achieve high levels of success quickly. A win-win situation all around.”

Jonathan CohenTreasurer and Director of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy


“I’ve had the opportunity to work with lots of different software. The blood chemistry software is very intuitive, very user-friendly, everything is right there on the main dashboard page. You can’t really mess anything up, which is awesome. And it’s just super simple to add new patients, to add new labs, to run reports.”

Anthony DinobileHolistic Nutritionist at Nourish Coaching

“The ODX Blood Chemistry course with the certification option was hands down one of the best courses that I have ever taken. I have over 16 certifications and counting and this was top 3 hands down. It packs some much applicable information into 12 weeks that by the time that you are done, it will significantly elevate your blood chemistry analysis skills.”

Travis ZipperFounder of Wellfitz Mentorship

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