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Make Your Testing More Strategic

Using Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, you can accelerate your diagnostic evaluation process. Rather than run a battery of laboratory tests on your patients, you can use the results of your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis to strategically choose which advanced tests are required.

The Optimal DX Difference for Functional Medicine Practitioners

As a practitioner of Functional Medicine, what do you stand to gain from the Optimal DX Software platform?

Save Time Where functional blood test interpretation used to take hours, now Functional Medicine physicians can complete analysis, interpretation, and report generation in less than 15 minutes. Getting started is fast, too: Users report they’re able to run reports within 10 minutes after setting up their ODX account.
Diagnose and Educate Using the Optimal DX Software, you’ll be able to more rapidly assess patient dysfunction and generate easy-to-understand reports that clearly describe what’s going on with your patients. Once they understand how their health relates to their blood biomarkers, they’ll be able to take greater ownership over their own journey to optimal health.
Test Strategically Use the results obtained from your Functional Health Report to pinpoint likely areas of dysfunction and the additional tests needed to make a diagnosis.
Build Treatment Plans Using the Optimal DX Treatment Plan Builder, you’ll be able to quickly generate treatment plans personalized to your patients’ blood test results using supplement recommendations from Fullscript and leading supplement companies. ODX Treatment Plan Builder
Drive Treatment Compliance Patients are more likely to comply with treatment plans when they fully understand their condition. No more lab reports obscured by technical data; instead, provide your patients with a Health Improvement Plan, a graphical prescription report that provides clear and simple reasons to follow protocols. View the Health Improvement Plan
Increase Referrals Patients are so rarely provided with clear and actionable health information like they find in the Functional Health Report — when you deliver this report, you’ll wow your patients and encourage them to tell their friends and family about your practice.

What’s in a Functional Health Report?

Learn more about the 16 different report modules available to you when generating your Functional Health Report.

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Implement FBCA In Your Practice

Learn more about the nuts and bolts of implementing Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis in your practice by downloading our guide, The FBCA Blueprint: How to Implement FBCA into Your Clinic.

Hear From Our Functional Medicine Users

Across the globe, Functional Medicine physicians are experiencing the difference that the Optimal DX Software makes in their practice.


“For me, the blood chemistry software is the centerpiece of my guidance system and helps people to understand what it is that’s really going on with their physiology and helps me to work my way through the decision-making relative to that.”

Dr. Brad RachmanMedical Director of the Rachman Clinic

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Our Functional Medicine Customers

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