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  • Dr. Weatherby's Blood Reference Guide
  • Custom Branding (Portal & Reporting)
  • Practitioner Directory Listing
  • Patient Referrals
  • Treatment Plan Builder
  • "Ask Me Anything" - Get All Your Questions Answered
  • Blood Chemistry (Unlimited) Add-On Available
  • All Health Improvement Reports
  • Virtual Dispensary Integration with FullScript
  • Clinical Conditions and Protocol Guides

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We want to support you and your practice to achieve extraordinary results for your patients. Our pricing is designed for every budget, even if you're just getting started with Functional Blood Analysis.

What Features Come with Your ODX Membership?

The ODX Membership gives immediate benefits that any practitioner or allied health professional needs to grow their practice.

Access to Dr. Weatherby’s Blood Chemistry & CBC Reference Guide Although the data from Blood Chemistry & CBC Reference Guide is integrated throughout the functional reporting, an ODX membership provides you with unrestricted access to the whole of Dr. Weatherby’s seminal text on Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. Get Started Now
Free Practitioner Directory Listing All active ODX Members get to add their practice to ODX's online practitioner directory. Practitioners who've been through our FBCA Mastery Training Program and those who've gone through the FBCA Mastery Certification process are also indicated with the appropriate badge. Get Started Now
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Pay-As-You-Go Functional Blood Analysis Reporting We want to make our Functional cutting-edge reporting available to any practitioner, so we created our pay-as-you-go (PAYG) program. With your ODX Membership, you can purchase blood test credits to enter a blood test into the ODX Platform. From there, a world of Functional analysis and reporting opens up! Click below for more information. Learn More About PAYG
Patient Referrals With an active ODX Practitioner Directory Listing, ODX will provide you with patient clients that choose to connect with you through our "Find an ODX Practitioner" service on our site. Get Started Now
“Ask Me Anything” Access All ODX Members get access to our AMA (Ask Me Anything" feature. Ask questions directly in the ODX platform and the ODX Research team will answer the questions and post the answers to the ODX Knowledgebase. Get Started Now
Custom Branding Add your practice logo, photo, and patient photos to the ODX Platform to create uniquely branded Functional Health Reports and Health Improvement Plans. Get Started Now
Fullscript Integration The ODX Fullscript integration comes with every ODX Membership. Access and recommend supplement prescriptions from leading nutraceutical companies to build a powerful, individualized treatment plan from your ODX Platform. Add a blood test and create blood test-specific Fullscript prescriptions. Let ODX do the treatment building and Fullscript do the prescription fulfillment. Get Started Now
Treatment Plan Generator An ODX Membership gets you access to ODX's Treatment Plan Builder, which allows you to create unique and individualized treatment plans for your patient that you can incorporate into the new Health Improvement Plan report. Add a blood test and create blood test-specific treatment using the ODX catalog of supplement companies or use our Fullscript integration. Get Started Now
Access to Dr. Weatherby’s fully integrated Clinical Conditions Guide Although information from Dr. Weatherby’s Clinical Conditions Guide is fully integrated within the software, practitioners with ODX Membership gain full, on-demand, unrestricted access to the text. Get Started Now

Functional Blood Analysis Reporting (Pay-as-you-Go)

Your ODX Membership gives you access to our Functional Blood Analysis Reporting on a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) basis. At $45/blood test credit, the ODX Functional Blood Analysis PAYG program provides you with everything you need to provide incomparable Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis services and treatment plans to your patients. The ultimate Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis tool kit! Health Insights + Health Solutions = a Winning Combination

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Insightful Functional Health Reports

Enter a blood test into the ODX Platform and quickly generate clear, informative, and actionable Functional Health Reports from your patient's blood test results. You’ll gain access to all 18 report modules that make up the Functional Health Report.

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Access to the Health Concerns Report

Get access to the Health Concerns Report, which takes all the information from the Functional Health Report (FHR) and focuses on the top areas that need support. Use these Health Concerns to create a unique treatment plan based on the FHR findings. Get Started Now

Build Blood Test-Specific Treatment Plans

Enter a blood test, run an FHR, and continue to run a health concern-specific treatment plan using ODX's Treatment Plan Builder. Create unique and individualized treatment plans for your patient that you can incorporate into the new Health Improvement Plan report. Give patients the reason why they are taking supplements and see compliance go through the roof! Get Started Now

Create a Health Improvement Plan

The Health Improvement Plan takes your individualized treatment plan and, using the ODX report generator, presents your treatment plan in a graphically-rich format to increase compliance and encourage patients to follow through with your recommendations. Get Started Now

Get Access to ODX's Functional Health Report
With Your ODX Membership

The powerful Functional Health Report takes your practice to the next level. Included with every ODX membership.

All Report Design for New Site_Blood Test History All Report Design for New Site_Blood Test Results Comparative All Report Design for New Site_Blood Test Results All Report Design for New Site_Blood Test Score Report All Report Design for New Site_Out of Optimal Range All Report Design for New Site_Accessory Systems Health Improvement Plan Report Images_HIP V1.3
All (15) Functional Health Reports

Build Treatment Plans and
Run Health Improvement Plan Reports

Use the built-in Treatment Plan Builder in ODX and create unique supplement prescriptions using the ODX catalog of supplements or our Fullscript integration. Run Health Improvement Plan Reports and see compliance go up.

Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 1-2500 Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 2-2500 Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 3-2500 Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 4-2500 Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 5-2500 Health Improvement Plan Report Images_HIP V1.3 Health Improvement Plan Report Images_HIP V2.1 health_improvement_plan_ODX
5-Step Blood Test-Specific Treatment Plan Builder Plus,
All (3) Health Improvement Plan Reports

Add-On Packages

For busy practices, and as your volume and need dictates, consider an Add-On Package to your ODX Membership.


$ 197 /month /practitioner

Say goodbye to pay-as-you-go, and hello to Unlimited! Run any number of blood tests for your patients.

  • Add unlimited blood tests
  • Connect to any number of supported labs
  • Automatically import lab results
  • Add your own products to treatment plans
  • Link treatment plans to health concerns identified in patient blood tests


Contact For Pricing

For multi-location clinics, partners, and large practices. We'll get on a call to talk about how your organization can best leverage the ODX platform.

  • API Access
  • Enhanced Branding
  • Customized Reports
  • And a lot more!


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Hear how our customers have transformed their practice with the ODX Platform platform.


“The ODX Platform is a great tool to use and worth every penny I pay for it – because of the time it saves me and the professionalism it provides to my practice. It has been a big part of why my business has been very successful over the ten years I have used it.”

Dr. Dennis GodbyNaturopathic Doctor at the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center


“I have noticed that since I have been using the ODX Platform, scheduling the follow-up and patients actually sticking to that follow-up schedule has been much easier. The ODX Platform has been very, very good for my practice, my time management and my revenue stream.”

Dr. Ionela HubbardAssistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Curriculum Director at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine


“For me, the reporting from the ODX Platform is the centerpiece of my guidance system. It helps people understand what is going on with their physiology and helps me work my way through the decision-making relative to that.”

Dr. Brad RachmanMedical Director of the Rachman Clinic


Additional Information

The ODX Membership includes access to all the ODX biomarkers, unlimited patients, and all ODX reports with pay-as-you-go blood test credits. It includes the treatment plan builder, custom lab templates, follow-up reminders, lab test scheduling, and software video training. Every ODX member gets access to our AMA (Ask Me Anything) feature and can add their practice to our online practitioner directory. 

US and Canadian members can integrate their ODX accounts with Fullscript to run prescriptions from within the platform.

ODX Members can purchase credits to add blood test results and generate comprehensive Functional Health reports, blood test-centered treatment plans, and Health Improvement Plan reports. Consider our Blood Chemistry Unlimited Add-On if you run five or more monthly lab tests. This add-on allows you to add unlimited blood tests to the platform, connect with supported labs, import lab test results, add your own products to treatment plans, and link treatment plans to patient health concerns identified in blood tests.

All ODX Memberships are for one user. If you run a multi-clinic practice or want additional users to your account, consider upgrading to Premium ODX Membership.