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Pricing designed for every budget, even if you're just getting started. Cancel anytime. Pricing is in US dollars.

$20 /mth Best for solo practitioners who are just getting started.
  • 1 member
  • Unlimited patients
  • Functional Health Reports on a pay/test basis
  • Treatment plan builder w/ Fullscript® integration
  • All lab integrations for easy data import (Only with Blood Chemistry (Unlimited) Add-On)
  • Add your own products to treatment plans
  • Basic branding
  • Practitioner directory listing & patient referrals
  • Access to Dr. Weatherby’s fully integrated “Blood Chemistry & CBC Reference Guide”
  • Access to Dr. Weatherby’s fully integrated “Clinical Conditions Guide”
  • "Ask me Anything" - member-only access to optimal health Q & A.
$40 /mth /practitioner For experienced practitioners and growing clinics.
Standard features, plus
* for an additional cost/ additional user
  • Add additional practitioners to your account*
  • Add Staff Members to your account*
  • Multi-User Account (Teams)*
  • Supports multiple locations
  • Workspaces
  • Build your own treatment protocol templates
  • Lab Data Entry - PDF Parser
  • Enhanced Branding
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For large healthcare practices, networks, labs, or a healthcare technology companies looking for a robust solution to provide functional diagnostic services at scale
Premium features, plus
  • API Access
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Automation and Scalability
  • Extensive Customization
  • Dedicated Development Support
  • Build New Integrations
  • Whitelabelling

Functional Health Reports Pricing

If you're running more than a few blood tests per month, consider adding the Blood Chemistry (Unlimited) Add-On to your account and unlock even more features!


$ 45 /test

All ODX accounts give you access to our Functional Blood Analysis Reporting on a pay/blood test (PAYG) basis.

  • Usage-based pricing
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Credits that don't expire
  • Run all Functional Health Reports
  • Build blood test-specific treatment plans
  • Create a Health Improvement Plan


$ 197 /mth /practitioner

Say goodbye to pay-as-you-go, and hello to Unlimited! Add to any ODX account and enter unlimited blood tests for your patients.

  • 20% discount applied to 2 or more practitioners
  • Add unlimited blood tests
  • Run unlimited Functional Health Reports
  • All Lab Integrations - automatically import lab results for easy data import
  • Connect to any number of supported labs
  • Unlimited blood test-specific treatment plans
  • Run unlimited Health Improvement Plans

Functional Health Reports

In depth reporting & guides to take your practice to the next level.

All Report Design for New Site_Blood Test History All Report Design for New Site_Blood Test Results Comparative All Report Design for New Site_Blood Test Results All Report Design for New Site_Blood Test Score Report All Report Design for New Site_Out of Optimal Range All Report Design for New Site_Accessory Systems Health Improvement Plan Report Images_HIP V1.3
All (15) Functional Health Reports

Health Improvement Plans

Easily combine the results of the Functional Health Report with treatment items you select to produce actionable health improvement plans for your patients.

Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 1-2500 Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 2-2500 Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 3-2500 Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 4-2500 Treatment Builder Imagery_Step 5-2500 Health Improvement Plan Report Images_HIP V1.3 Health Improvement Plan Report Images_HIP V2.1 health_improvement_plan_ODX
All (3) Health Improvement Plan Reports, Plus
All (4) Comprehensive Reference Guides

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear how our customers have transformed their practice with the ODX Platform platform.


“The ODX Platform is a great tool to use and worth every penny I pay for it – because of the time it saves me and the professionalism it provides to my practice. It has been a big part of why my business has been very successful over the ten years I have used it.”

Dr. Dennis GodbyNaturopathic Doctor at the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center


“I have noticed that since I have been using the ODX Platform, scheduling the follow-up and patients actually sticking to that follow-up schedule has been much easier. The ODX Platform has been very, very good for my practice, my time management and my revenue stream.”

Dr. Ionela HubbardAssistant Professor of Preventive Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine Curriculum Director at the Loma Linda University School of Medicine


“For me, the reporting from the ODX Platform is the centerpiece of my guidance system. It helps people understand what is going on with their physiology and helps me work my way through the decision-making relative to that.”

Dr. Brad RachmanMedical Director of the Rachman Clinic


Additional Information

Pay-As-You-Go vs Blood Chemistry (Unlimited)

Your ODX Account (Standard or Premium) includes access to all Functional Health Reports, Reference Guides, and Health Improvement Plans. 

Functional Health Reports are charged on a pay-as-you-go basis, based on the number of blood tests that are entered. The cost per blood test entered is $45 each. 

For busy practices, and as your volume and need dictate, consider adding the Blood Chemistry (Unlimited) Add-On to your ODX  account. This allows you to add unlimited blood tests and run unlimited reports and blood test-specific treatment plans.

Creating Treatment Plans with Fullscript®

All members can create treatment plans using the built-in ODX product catalog or by using  products that you upload yourself

US and Canadian-based members can connect to their Fullscript® accounts to produce treatment plans that make the entire Fullscript® inventory available.

Accounts & Memberships

A Standard Account with Optimal DX  has a single user or member, which represents a solo practitioner. Sharing a membership with multiple people is prohibited and may result in account suspension. 

To grant access to more people within your clinic, please upgrade to a Premium Account and add additional members.