Cancellation Policy

Although we would hate to see you go, you may cancel your ODX Membership at any time.

To Cancel Your ODX Membership:

Visit the billing page in your ODX Platform account and click the link on the bottom right to close your account. You’ll continue to have access to your membership, your credits, and any add-ons you have purchased up to the date of your renewal, after that, your account will be permanently closed.

Canceling your ODX Membership will permanently close the account. We do not allow account reactivations. If you want to maintain access to your patients, lab tests, treatment plans, "My Products", etc. we recommend that you keep a $20/month ODX Membership. This allows you to add future blood tests on a Pay-As-You-Go basis rather than keeping a monthly Blood Chemistry (Unlimited) add-on.

Please Note:

NO LONG-TERM CONTRACTS – we do not have long-term contracts so you can cancel your account and subscription at any time

RECURRING SUBSCRIPTION – The Optimal DX Software is a recurring subscription service and charges will continue until your account has been canceled.

NO REFUNDS – We are not able to provide refunds based on the sensitive digital nature of the online services provided. If you cancel in the middle of your subscription cycle, your account will remain open until the date of the renewal at which time it will automatically close.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITY – It is your responsibility to keep track of your recurring billing cycle and cancel BEFORE your account renewal. Your Billing Page on the ODX Platform has all the info you need on this matter.

Again, to cancel your account, visit the billing page in your software account and click the link to close your account.