Create PRL-Specific Treatment Plans In ODX Now!

Build individualized supplement protocols with PRL products and create PRL-specific Health Improvement Plans.

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Your patients come to you because they’ve got pressing questions about their health — by analyzing, tracking, interpreting, and reporting on blood chemistry tests with the ODX Platform, you can give them the answers they’re looking for. Now, with our updated Premier Research Labs (PRL) catalog, you can give them personalized health solutions too!

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Optimal DX is proud to announce its partnership with Premier Research Labs (PRL), a world leader in cellular resonant formulations. PRL's mission is "To Empower every person to access their own limitless health potential through the use of Quantum Resonance Nutriceutical Formulations, effective detoxification techniques, and lifestyle strategies." Their commitment is "to deliver uncompromised, integrated strategies to promote outstanding health for every person."

How to Create PRL-specific Treatment Plans In ODX:


1. Make sure you have an active ODX and PRL account.

add new treatment plan

2. Sign in to ODX and "Add New Treatment Plan"

choose default source
Step 1

3. Choose "Default" as Your Source of Supplements

  • Step 1 - Check the "Default" option as your source of supplements. This will make PRL available as a product line later in the process.
select patient and blood test
Steps 2 & 3

4. Select Patient and Blood Test to Build Treatment Plan 

  • Step 2 is choosing your patient
  • Step 3 is selecting the blood test that you want to build your treatment plan from
  • On this step, you can select which Health Concerns to treat or add Health Concerns that were not a part of the blood test assessment.
  • Click Next to move on to Step 4
Step 4

5. Select Premier Research Labs from Auto Populate Products Dropdown

  • Step 4 - select Premier research Labs from the "Auto Populate Products" dropdown
  • This will associate pre-selected Premier Research Labs products to the Health Concerns you selected to treat in Step 3
Step 4 (contd.)

6. Choose Premier Research Labs Products to Treat Health Concerns

In this step, you'll see the number of PRL products pre-selected to treat your chosen Health Concerns. You can add additional PRL products, change the selected ones, and edit dosage.

Once you're done building the treatment plan, click "Review Treatment Plan" to review your selections and write a personal message.

Step 5

7. Review Treatment Plan

Step 5 - Review the treatment plan

1. Write a personal message that will appear on the Health Improvement Plan report. Use our templates or create your own personal message.

2. When you're all done, click Save

3. Click Run Reports to generate a personalized Health Improvement report.

Health Improvement Plan

8. Run Your Health Improvement Plan Report

A Health Improvement Plan takes your Health Concerns-Based treatment plan built with PRL  products and using ODX's reporting engine creates a unique graphically-rich report for the patient. Your personal message is presented in its own report along with a Health Concerns view of the prescription with relevant biomarker information from the Functional Health Report. You also get a Product Summary report which is ideally printed and added to the refrigerator door to remind the patient when to take the products you have prescribed. Health Insights + Health Solutions = Optimal Health

Create Personalized Treatment Plans Now!

Use your ODX Account with Premier Research Labs (PRL) and add PRL-specific supplement protocols to your Health Improvement Plans.