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April 7, 2022

ODX Updates - April 2022

Hi there. It's been a busy time at ODX and we wanted to show you some of the updates we have made to the software application.

Build A Treatment Plan Straight From the FHR Page

Move seamlessly from the Functional Health Report page to the treatment plan builder so you can quickly and easily create a Health Concern-focused treatment plan.


CLICK HERE to watch a video walking you through how to do this.

Patient or Client? We have you covered

We realize that some of our users are constrained by laws in their provinces and States as to how they refer to the individuals they work with. As an ND in the State of Oregon, Dr. Weatherby can talk about "patients". If he were to move to a non-licensed state, he'd have to refer to them as "clients", which is why we made an adjustment in the software that allows you to choose the term that works for you.
CLICK HERE to read more about it.

CORE Reports - Even More Interactivity

We wanted to take this opportunity to review some of the small changes we made to the FHR and the interactivity built into the CORE report. One of the updates is the ability to click a link in the report and go to the relevant section in the Blood Reference Guide built into the ODX application.

CLICK HERE to read more about the new interactivity built into CORE

New "Treatments Guide" in the Resources section

See which of the products currently in the ODX / Default database of supplements are associated with the Health Concerns. You can browse the guide by a single brand to see all the products associated with Health Concerns without having to select the brand all the time.

CLICK HERE to access the new Treatment Reference Guide in the software

New “Enhanced” Blood Test Dropdown

When selecting a blood test from a drop-down for inclusion in an FHR or a Treatment Plan you will now see how many biomarkers were recorded for that test. This is especially helpful when using the new Comparative Report update (see below!):
enhanced blood test drop down

Update to the "Blood Test Comparative" Report

Now you can select which of the previous tests to compare against the current blood test in the "Blood Test Comparative" report! The default is to compare the current blood test with the previous test in the system but now you can change that by selecting a previous test from a dropdown. With the new enhanced Blood Test Results view, you can quickly see how many biomarkers are in the test you want to use as your comparison:

comparison report update

More Control Over Auto-Calculators Used in the Software

We want to give you the ability to turn on and off any of the auto-calculations done by the software. To do this, click the dropdown arrow next to your name on the top right of the screen and select Practice Admin. On the practice Admin page, click “Edit” on the top of the left-hand column and scroll down to see all of the auto-calculations performed by the software. Check or uncheck the box next to the calculation you want to change, click the “Update” button to save, and from now on, that ratio or auto-calculation will not be performed.


Add Patient/Client Photos to Their Record in ODX

Make the FHR more personalized to the patient by adding their photo into ODX and they’ll see their photo on the cover page of the Functional Health PDF:

You can add their photos from the patient dashboard. Select a patient from VIEW PATIENTS and on the patient dashboard, you'll see a "Patient Photo" section on the left-hand side. Follow directions to upload a photo:

CORE REPORT - Handling Different Ranges

Our final update had to do with how the Blood Test Results report handles the increasing variability in the ranges we are using in ODX. 


CLICK HERE to watch a video walking you through the changes.

That's it for now! We look forward to working hard on your behalf in the months to come bringing you all of the latest and greatest updates to the ODX software. 

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