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April 6, 2022

CORE Report - Handling Different Ranges

April 2022 ODX CORE Report Update

We made some updates to the way the CORE FHR handles different biomarker ranges and wanted to show you the changes we made in a short video. Please see below the video for more explanations of the changes you'll see on the Blood Test Results Report in the CORE FHR.

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The Classic Way of Representing an Optimal Range


This is the classic way we represent an optimal range in the FHR. The optimal range sits right between the standard range!

The Optimal Low is Below the Standard Low


Occasionally the optimal range is below the standard range. In this case, the optimal low for Amylase is 28 but the standard low is 31, so we needed a different way of showing that in the Blood Test Results report. 

The Optimal Range is the Same as the Standard Range


We are seeing this more and more in the biomarkers we are adding into the software: there is no optimal range so we make the optimal range the same as the standard. In this case, the optimal and standard range for Copper - RBC is the same at 0.5 - 1.0. 

The Optimal Range Low and Standard Range Low are Both Zerooptimal_low_standard_low_zero

In this case, the optimal and standard low for C-Reactive Protein is zero so we had to come up with a way to show this on the Blood Test Results Report.

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