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February 16, 2022

Setting Up Biomarker Panels

We are often asked whether we have panels of biomarkers that can be used to set up panels with a particular lab.

While we have ODX panels set up with Evexia and Ulta Lab Tests, we want to take this opportunity to provide you with 3 panels we have created: ODX Vital, ODX Max, and ODX Ultimate.

These 3 panels get increasingly more complex. For instance, ODX Vital is a perfect entry-level panel to set up because it covers a lot of your bases, creates a nice and comprehensive Functional Health report from the software, and is not too expensive. From there, depending on whether you want to track more blood sugar regulation markers, a deeper analysis of the thyroid, or a comprehensive sex hormone analysis, you can move to ODX Max or ODX Ultimate.

PLEASE RIGHT CLICK HERE to download ODX Biomarker Panels in PDF format.

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