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March 14, 2022

Manually Import Quest Results

Manual Import of Quest Results into the ODX Software

We have some good news for our Professional subscriptions in ODX that use Quest as your lab provider. As you are aware, we do not have an actual integration with Quest available with ODX. However, we have been working with Quest to provide a workaround using Quest’s “Quanum Lab Services Manager”.

To use the manual blood test result import solution, you must make sure that your Quest account is on Quannum LSM, and you must have “HL7 download enabled”.

  • This will not work on Quest’s legacy solution, Quanum eLabs.
  • If your Quest account is on eLabs, you can easily use the same login credentials for Quanum LSM if you have never accessed it.
  • Here's the link to log in: https://physician.quanum.questdiagnostics.com/home
  • If HL7 download is not available, please send a ticket to Quest’s Helpdesk requesting that HL7 download be enabled on your Quanum Lab Services Manager account.
  • If you have any questions about this part of the integration, please engage with your Quest Sales Representative to ensure all is in order. 

Finding Your results In Quest Quanum

Please ensure that you are accessing the following website: https://physician.quanum.questdiagnostics.com/home

Once logged in, click on Results:


On the Results page, please follow the directions on this image:


  1. Download an individual result by clicking “Download HL7” or the download icon next to it.
  2. Store the HL7 on your hard drive, noting the location as this will be the file you will import into ODX(see instructions below).

Getting Your ODX Account Setup for Manual Import

This feature is for our Professional ODX Subscriptions only. If you want to use this, consider upgrading your account.

Before you can manually upload results to ODX, you must send an email to support@optimaldx.com requesting that the “Manual HL7 Import Feature” be enabled on your ODX account.

We will manually enable this on your account and alert you when we are ready for you to begin importing results.

Manually Importing HL7 Results Into ODX

There are 2 ways to access the manual import page


  1. Click Analysis from the horizontal navigation and select “Import results from a File”. This will take you straight to the Manual Import page
  2. Click “Import Blood Tests” from the “Awaiting Import” tile on the dashboard
  3. On the Lab Import Page, click “Manually Upload HL7 Result” on the right-hand side of the screen.
  4. This will take you straight to the Manual Import page

Manual Import of HL7 Results

Follow the directions on the Manual Import Page. We have a video that walks you through this entire process!


  1. Find and upload the unaltered HL7 results file that you downloaded from your Quanum Lab Services Manager account.
  2. The file should contain the results for a single patient blood test.
  3. The file may be in *.txt or *.hl7 format. Both will work for the import.
  4. Please do not make any changes to the text, or copy/pasting of the text should be made.
  5. Select “Quest” from the “Lab” dropdown.
  6. Click “Upload Results”.
  7. Once successfully uploaded, click the “Complete the Test Import” link, which will take you to the “Import Blood Tests”.


Import Blood Tests Page

We have an instructional video showing you exactly how to import the lab results and what to do once the results are imported. This sits at the top of the “Import Blood Tests” page.


  1. ODX will match the patient with an existing patient if the first name, last name, and DOB match a patient already in the system

  2. If there is no match, you can quickly create a new patient. ODX will pull in all the necessary details from the file in order to set up the patient.

  3. Once the patient is selected, click “Import test”.

The Blood Test will be imported and you will be given 3 options


  1. View the blood test on the data entry page

  2. Generate an FHR on the blood test

  3. View the Import results to see what ODX was able to import and what we weren’t

That’s It! You have manually imported a blood test result into ODX!

What’s Next?

  1. Run a Functional Health Report
  2. Create a Health Concern based treatment plan
  3. Run a Health Improvement Plan


ODX does not import Absolute White Blood cell results from Quest files. Quest uses units for Absolute White Blood Cells that are not compatible with the units used by ODX and all the other labs. We will automatically calculate the Absolute White Blood Cell values for you. Please read this article for more info on this:


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