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December 15, 2023

Report Center Update: New Sort Order Feature

Welcome to another ODX Update video. This update is about a new "FHR Sort Order" feature we built into the Report Center Dashboard in ODX plus an update to the Further Testing Report:

Updates to the "Additional Options" in the ODX Report Center

We just released an additional feature under the "Additional Options" link in the Report Center. You can now choose between 3 different layouts of the major areas of the Functional Health report:

  1. Analytics, Assessment, Health Concerns
  2. Assessment, Analytics, Health Concerns
  3. Health Concerns, Assessment, Analytics

Updates to the "Recommended Further Testing" Report

We also updated the Recommended Further Testing Report to include a list of missing biomarkers that would have been used in the assessments but were not run on this particular test. Here's a sample of what the new reprot shows:

Thank you to everyone who has given us the feedback to help us shape these features. We’re super excited to keep working to make your clinical life easier and more efficient. 

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