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February 7, 2022

ODX Treatment Plan Builder - Phase 2

The ODX Treatment Plan Builder Phase 2 Is Live!

In December 2021 we launched the new ODX Treatment Plan Builder with our new Fullscript integration. That was Phase 1! Phase 2 has been launched.....

Phase 2 takes the ODX treatment plan builder to the next level by connecting treatment plans to the list of health concerns generated from your patient's blood test results and provides an additional source of products from the ODX database of nutriceutical companies you have been familiar with. This opens up the treatment plan builder and accompanying Health Improvement Plan report to all ODX users at the professional subscription level.

Please watch the 2 videos below for more details on the amazing new Optimal Dx Treatment Plan Builder:

ODX Treatment Plan Builder Intro + Building with the ODX Database of Products

New Treatment Plan Builder with Fullscript


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