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May 25, 2023

Optimal - The Podcast: Episode 18

Optimal - The Podcast: Episode 18 - The Triglyceride Glucose (TyG) Index, GlycA for Inflammation, and Biomarkers for Elite Athletes

Dr. Dicken Weatherby & Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RDN, LDN

Welcome to Episode 18 of Optimal - the Podcast! In this episode, Dr. Dicken Weatherby and Beth Ellen will discuss assessing insulin resistance and blood glucose regulation with a new index they’ve been researching and looking into.

The triglyceride glucose index (TyG index) is a valuable measure that combines fasting triglyceride and fasting glucose levels to assess insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when the body's cells become less responsive to the effects of insulin, resulting in elevated blood glucose levels. Additionally, fasting glucose and insulin levels can provide valuable insights into insulin resistance. Furthermore, numerous studies have consistently demonstrated that adhering to the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

Beth also mentioned the novel inflammatory marker called GlycA derived from nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. It measures the concentration of glycosylated acute-phase proteins in the blood. Elevated levels of GlycA have been consistently linked to various inflammatory conditions. Dicken and Beth discuss what biomarkers to measure for elite athletes and the dangers of PPIs, and Dicken gets on his soapbox discussing hypochlorhydria!

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Episode Highlights:

(03:02) Triglyceride Glucose (TyG) Index

(05:04) Physiology behind the index

(08:00) The many tools we can use to help us uncover potential insulin resistance

(11:24) Mediterranean diet as the best approach for cardiometabolic issues

(14:07) GlycA biomarker for inflammation

(23:56) How sweating can deplete electrolytes and minerals

(30:29) Biomarkers testing for elite athletes

(40:23) Nutrient deficiencies

(47:14) Dangers of PPIs

(49:36) Hypochorhydia

(54:43) The ODX Membership

Additional Resources

Triglycerides and Glucose Together Forever

Blood Glucose Regulation: Triglyceride-Glucose Index, the Research

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