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January 30, 2024

Features From the Vault: Glucose Fasting & Non-Fasting

Welcome to a new series we are doing called "ODX Features from the Vault". The reason we are doing this is to showcase some of the many features we have added to the ODX application over the years.

In our first video of this series, we are excited to highlight the feature that allows users to toggle between Glucose: Fasting & Glucose: Non-Fasting in the application.

This feature is incredibly valuable for tracking glucose levels both fasting and non-fasting. With just a click, you can quickly select the type of glucose you are measuring and the software does the rest!

Whether you are monitoring your patient's fasting glucose to establish their ability to regulate blood sugar, or simply aiming to track blood sugar levels across the day, this feature will greatly enhance your experience with the ODX application.

Stay tuned for more exciting features in our "Features from the Vault" series. Thanks for watching!

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