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May 7, 2021

ODX Software Update May 2021

New & Exciting Features in the ODX Software

The ODX Development Team works hard in the background making improvements and updates to the ODX software. Every so often there are enough awesome updates that we want to tell you all about them! Here's what we just updated for you:

  1. Analysis - a new menu item

  2. Fasting status now enabled

  3. Practitioner Directory Update

  4. New "ODX Calculator Library"

  5. A new way to add biomarkers

  6. Autocalculation update

  7. Inline unit conversions

Please click play on the videos below to review the updates:

ODX Application Updates -
May 2021

A New Way to Add Biomarkers

We have added a new feature to make it easier for you to add biomarkers into the software. Click play below to see how!

Manage and Edit Autocalculators

At ODX we calculate many of the Functional Medicine ratios for you. However, we realize that you still want control over which ratios you want to have calculated. The video below walks you through how to manage the auto calculations ODX performs on your behalf:

Inline Unit Conversion

Our development team has found a way to make it easier for our Australian customers to add blood test results to the software without having to do conversions and calculations before data entry. We have done this with inline convertors. Rather than giving you a long post to read, I have made a short video showing you how this works:

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