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June 3, 2019

The ODX Software Journey

The genesis for the ODX Blood Chemistry Software goes back to 1995 when Dr. Weatherby, in his second year of Naturopathic medical school, attended his first Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) training with Harry Eidenier, widely considered to be the grandfather of FBCA. From this point onwards Dr. Weatherby began incorporating FBCA into his clinical work.

In 2002 he wrote his “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis” book with his co-author Scott Ferguson. In this book, he pulls together his studies, personal research, and mentoring into a Naturopathically oriented reference book that any practitioner, interested in using FBCA in practice, can use with their patients and clients. This book has become the seminal text in the field of FBCA and is used by thousands of clinicians worldwide as their go-to blood chemistry analysis reference manual.

In response to the increased demand for his training material, Dr. Weatherby created his comprehensive “FBCA Mastery Training Program”. Dr. Weatherby’s FBCA training program walks physicians and health care practitioners through the process of analyzing their patients’ blood test results from a more functional, nutritional, and preventative perspective. His training program has helped thousands of practitioners worldwide to deepen their knowledge of Blood Chemistry Analysis and become more effective practitioners.

In 2010 Dr. Weatherby met Shane Redlick, a software designer and programmer, who was the perfect person to help develop his Functional Blood Chemistry Software program. The software is built on a powerful proprietary algorithm to analyze blood chemistry and CBC screens and reveal the state of Functional Wellness and deficiencies in the major systems of the body. The software was released in 2012 and was immediately embraced by healthcare practitioners worldwide who saw the time-saving reporting as a powerful way to provide meaning to their patient’s and client’s blood test results as well as help them streamline their practices.

The Blood Chemistry Software program is self-funded and independent, which means we can innovate and make updates quickly in response to changes in the field and from feedback from our users. We are committed to providing our users with a quality, dependable and cutting-edge tool to save pre-appointment preparation time, to provide increased value to report of findings consultations, to increase patient referrals and clinic income, and to leave the patient empowered in their quest for improved health and wellness.

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