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September 17, 2018

ODX Newsletter – September 2018

Welcome to the September 2018 ODX Newsletter. It’s been a busy summer! We successfully navigated the re-branding of our company and released our brand-new CORE Functional Health Report (see below for more details) and Dr. Weatherby is gearing up for the first online FBCA Training he has done in over 3 years!

Our re-branding is due to the fact that we are, and will be, offering much more than Blood Chemistry Analysis Software. In the coming months at ODX we’ll be offering Dr. Weatherby’s FBCA Mastery Certification Training Program in our new ODX Academy, adding more biomarkers and Functional Medicine calculators to the application, offering more integrations and a whole lot more!

Please read below about some of the things we have been up to!

Our Brand New "CORE" Functional Health Report - Now Live in the Software!

We just released our brand-new, interactive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis report in the software. We are calling this the “CORE” FHR. I was challenged to make a 1-minute video showing you the features of the new report. It’s just shy of 3 minutes, which is pretty amazing given the detail of this thing! Click play below to watch the short 3-Minute Demo:

“CORE” FHR- Amazing Interactive Features Perfect for On-Screen Consults + 2 Colors to Choose From!

We’ve taken our industry-leading Functional Health Report to a new level with built-in interactive navigation, which is perfect for those of you doing Skype or video consultations with your patients. The CORE Reports are designed to be used with touchscreen technology that allows you to move around, and follow a more natural narrative, to explain the findings to your patients. It looks fantastic printed as well!

Choose our new Default Blue or the more traditional Traffic Lighting color schemes!


New Software Pricing and Features

We are offering a new starter package for smaller clinics and new start-ups.

Please visit our new Pricing Page to get more information.

As mentioned in previous news, we are implementing new features in our Software including adding more biomarkers, more Functional Medicine Ratios, the HOMA2 calculator to help in assessing Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome, the Free & Bioavailable Testosterone Calculator, and more. You’ll be the first to hear about all these new additions as they come online!

Lab Integration Survey

We are working with new lab companies to automatically integrate Blood Test Results into our software, thereby eliminating the need for manual data entry. We’re currently integrated with Ulta Lab Tests, LabTech, Evexia, and want your feedback on which companies to approach!

We would love to hear YOUR requests of any Lab that you would like to see us integrate with.

Lab Integration Survey
Which Labs Do You Use?

FBCA Mastery Certification Training Now Open

He wrote the book!

Now YOU can get certified….

So you’ve read the book, well now you can get Certified by ODX in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. The ODX Academy is now offering my FBCA Mastery Certification Program!

This 3-month program isn’t just the usual “training” but a “MASTERY COURSE” in all aspects of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and Dr. Weatherby’s work in Functional Diagnosis, complete with testing and certification!

Over the years we have had many requests for referrals to physicians using the Blood Chem Software, and now we can make those referrals to our certified physicians!

The course includes a FREE 3 Month Professional ODX, module quizzes, and a Final Exam. ODX Certified Blood Specialists will be eligible for Inclusion in our Certified Practitioner Referral Program.

CLICK HERE to get started

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