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June 27, 2022

Add Your own Products to Your ODX Treatment Plans

The Optimal DX platform just got better! Now you can add your own products to your ODX Treatment plans and Health Improvement Plans.

Watch this short video from ODX founder Dr. Dicken Weatherby showing you exactly how to add your own products into the ODX platform:

Not currently an ODX user?

Now's a great time to check us out. Start adding your own products to your ODX account, run unlimited treatment plans, add blood tests to get our incredible Functional Health Reports (FHRs), and take the information from the FHR to build Health Concern-specific treatment plans using your own products along with Fullscript, or our default selection of key nutraceutical companies including Standard Process, Xymogen, Premier Research Labs, Designs for Health, Biotics Research, and more! 

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