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June 14, 2023

You Would be Limping Along Without Your Lymphocytes

Lymphocytes are white blood cells that play a critical role in defending against microbial infections and regulating inflammation. They form part of the immune system, consisting of B cells and T cells, and their concentration levels can provide insights into a person's health status.

Natural Killer (NK) cells, a subset of lymphocytes, participate in controlling infections and cancer cell proliferation.

Lower lymphocyte counts could indicate immune compromise, severe infections, malnutrition, or serious conditions like leukemia and HIV. This drop in count is linked to poor outcomes in diseases such as COVID-19 and various types of carcinoma.

On the other hand, high lymphocyte counts are commonly seen in chronic bacterial and viral infections, inflammatory conditions, radiation exposure, and diseases like leukemia and lymphoma. Elevated lymphocyte levels are also tied to metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Lymphocyte counts, either as a percentage of total white blood cells or as absolute lymphocytes, can be used as an essential diagnostic tool. Thus, a well-functioning lymphocyte system is integral to overall health, and any aberrations can signal potential health issues.

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