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December 6, 2021

The Business Case for Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA)

Healthcare practitioners enter the field to take care of and improve people’s health. That is the objective and desired outcome. 

But how do we accomplish this while navigating the business end of healthcare?

How do we gather the most pertinent information about our clients in the most efficient and effective way?

The answer is in their blood, where clues to underlying metabolic processes flow through every blood vessel.

The blood chemistry report is the treasure trove you need to dig into to provide the best diagnostic bang for their buck. If you don’t investigate what is happening on the inside, you may miss some crucial pieces of the puzzle on the outside. 

When it comes to improving a patient’s health, we all know that you need all of the pieces to solve the puzzle.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) is an excellent investment that provides value not only to the practitioner but to clients seeking clear and focused guidance to help them improve their health and reduce risk of disease.

You will improve client and patient outcomes by:

  • Evaluating their metabolic health within an optimal framework.
  • Providing advice and protocols that target areas of concern before they progress into dysfunction and disease.
  • Monitoring changes in biomarker values over time.
  • Providing specific feedback on biomarkers that either have not been evaluated in the past, or that were dismissed because they were somewhere within the average/standard reference range.
  • Using the ODX extensive clinical conditions guide to help identify additional biomarkers and interventions to optimize assessment and outcomes.

You will improve business parameters by:

  • Increasing value to every appointment.
  • Increasing positive word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Creating full professional reports available for purchase by your client/patient.
  • Customizing your branding for Functional Health Reports 
  • Creating customized blood chemistry panels that integrate directly into the ODX FBCA software.
  • Streamlining your efficiency as the software analyzes trends and areas of concern.
  • Empowering clients to take their health into their own hands.
  • Motivating clients to follow recommendations and see objective improvements in their own metabolic profile.
  • Ensuring clients will follow up with blood work so they can see for themselves the progressive changes that occur over time.

Join the thousands of practitioners around the globe who are using the ODX FBCA software and creating a standard of care based on prevention and not on disease.

Ultimately, as you improve your client’s health you can improve your business, your business model, and your bottom line.

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