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September 21, 2023

Support Your Metabolic Detoxification!

The detoxification process, or "biotransformation," involves transforming harmful compounds, including hormones, medications, and pesticides, into substances that are less harmful and easier to excrete, a process facilitated by various nutrients and phytonutrients found in whole foods.

This multi-step process relies on a balance of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, encompassing various enzymatic phases and necessitating antioxidant support to protect tissues. Genetic factors, particularly variations in the genes that encode detoxification enzymes, can influence an individual's ability to detoxify efficiently, with ongoing research exploring the impacts of specific genetic variants on detoxification outcomes.

It is advised to consider functional biomarkers alongside genetic testing and lifestyle assessments to evaluate detoxification competency accurately.

Whole foods are preferred over high doses of isolated food components, as they help modulate detoxification pathways without excessive activation or inhibition, promoting a more complete and balanced detoxification process.

Source: Institute for Functional Medicine. Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice.

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