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March 20, 2023

Optimal - The Podcast: Episode 15

Optimal - The Podcast: Episode 15 - Hybrid Wellness Models, an interview with Chris Edwards of TriCore Wellness

Dr. Dicken Weatherby & Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RDN, LDN

Welcome to Episode 15 of Optimal - the Podcast! In this episode, Dr. Weatherby and Beth Ellen DiLuglio are joined by Chris Edwards of TriCore Wellness as he talks about hybrid wellness management and how it pushes people to strive for optimal wellness.

Dr. Dicken, Beth Ellen, and Chris discuss how hybrid wellness management thrives in business, healthcare, and technology. They go through micronutrient deficiencies, stress management, and your lifestyle and how they affect your thinking and productivity. Dr. Dicken and Beth also share how health coaches like Chris play an essential role in catching chronic diseases before they develop – while reviewing the Reduction in Chronic Disease and Burden in a 70-Individual Cohort Through Modification of Health Behaviorsarticle. They finish up with a little rant the current state of our food supply and its role in perpetuating a state of dis-ease and unwellness.

Don’t miss out on this episode as we share how seeking health coaches can prevent you from chronic diseases!

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Episode Highlights:

  • (02:30) Chris’ journey in fitness, business, and clinical nutrition
  • (12:24) Chris’ particular style of health coaching
  • (13:33) TriCore Wellness and hybrid wellness management
  • (17:38) Correcting micronutrient deficiencies to improve work productivity
  • (22:30) Hybrid wellness management in healthcare
  • (23:44) Hybrid wellness programs during COVID-19
  • (44:52) Health coaches help people increase their positive health outcomes!
  • (46:11) Spotting chronic disease in stress management and lifestyle
  • (48:42) Find the health coach that will help you!
  • (49:35) What is the 9-month disease reversal?

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