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July 5, 2023

Don't Deprive Your RBCs of Zinc

Zinc levels in red blood cells (RBCs) offer a more accurate reflection of long-term zinc status, less influenced by factors like eating, stress, inflammation, or minor deficiency.

Deficient zinc levels, often seen in conditions such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, and hyperthyroidism, can negatively impact multiple metabolic processes and even cardiorespiratory functions.

Elevated RBC zinc levels, on the other hand, may signify excessive zinc exposure and potential toxicity. Research has shown that replenishing zinc can ameliorate metabolic dysfunction, and measuring RBC zinc may assist in distinguishing between various thyroid conditions and evaluating the impact of prolonged insufficient dietary zinc intake. 

Want to Learn More?

CLICK HERE to learn more about RBC Zinc, health consequences, the ODX ranges, etc. 

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