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Dr. Dicken Weatherby and Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RDN, LDN

This is the archive of all the "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) episodes we have recorded or answered in written format. Active software users get to ask clinical questions and we answer them on a monthly basis and post the answers to this archive page as well as the individual episode pages, which are linked below.

AMA Episode 3

AMA Q1 (00:00:00)

What is the most effective way to test for mineral balance?

AMA Q2 (00:07:04)

What do you find are the best blood chemistry markers for heavy metal toxicity?


We use a different lab for our thyroid panels, and very often the clients have thyroid peroxidase and thyroid antiTPO results that are far higher than the reference ranges on the ODX application. The results we have are IU/L and your units are KIU/l. Can you shed some light on this?


I understand a low G6PD reading would indicate deficiency - but what would be the reason behind a high G6PD?

AMA Episode 2

AMA Q1 (00:00:00)

In the FBCA course I didn't see any guidelines about how long a patient should stop supplementation before going for a retest. Could you advise me on where to find this information? 

AMA Q2 (00:04:34)

Can you please explain to me the rationale behind eosinophil % reading - I understand that it is expressed as a percentage of total WBC. Do both the % and the absolute figures need to be elevated to be clinically significant?

AMA Q3 (00:08:51)

I am baffled I have a client with a Prolactin variable of 667 mIU/L I tried to convert to nmol/l but get a reading of 29.00nmol/L this is much higher than the range, have I calculated this wrong somewhere?

AMA Q4 (00:10:39)

Can you talk about High Ferritin and the role in cardiovascular risk/inflammation?

AMA Q5 (00:16:23)

A lab asked us a question on which fibrinogen is on the panel... activity or antigen?

AMA Q6 (00:17:05)

I'd like to know more about GlycA as an inflammatory marker. Will you be including GlycA as an inflammatory marker in the software sometime in the future? It is often elevated when CRP is not

AMA Q7 (00:25:37)

Does insulin interfere with the release of iron from Ferritin? I often see high insulin, high ferritin, and normal to low serum iron.

AMA Q8 (00:31:42)

I often see a pattern of high RBC, HGB, and HCT. Aside from dehydration, what could drive this pattern?

AMA Episode 1

New AMA Feature (00:00:00)

AMA Q1 (00:00:45)
What if a patient is close to being outside the functional range how would you interpret that pattern?

AMA Q2 (00:03:42)
What is the time frame that you would consider blood test results clinically relevant?

AMA Q3 (00:07:16)
I get quite a few patients coming with blood work from other doctors and there are often very few biomarkers on these panels compared to what you recommend. How do I use the software for this?

AMA Q4 (00:12:00)
If someone has high amylase and lipase in their blood results - what can this mean?

AMA Q5 (00:16:20)
Will eosinophils be elevated with an H.Pylori infection?

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