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January 8, 2024

Preventing "Prediabetes"

Diabetes is a rapidly growing global health issue, but the good news is that early detection and intervention can prevent or delay its onset.

Signs of "prediabetes" include impaired fasting glucose, impaired glucose tolerance, elevated hemoglobin, inflammation, and altered blood lipids.

Managing diabetes and prediabetes is greatly aided by individualized nutrition interventions. These interventions focus on reducing intake of simple sugars and refined carbs, increasing dietary fiber and protein, and ensuring healthy fats form part of the diet.

Regular physical activity and maintaining a healthy body weight are also crucial. Additionally, incorporating high-quality, unprocessed foods and minimizing processed foods and red meat in the diet are key strategies.

Proper hydration, supplementation as needed, regular exercise, and effective stress management are also integral to achieving optimal health.

This holistic approach to health, aligning with naturopathic principles, is increasingly recognized in conventional medicine as essential for preventing chronic diseases like diabetes.

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