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June 12, 2023

Total Protein is Totally Proficient

Total protein levels in the blood reflect the concentration of albumin and globulins. These proteins play vital roles, with albumin acting as a transport protein and maintaining fluid balance in blood vessels, while globulins include antibodies (immunoglobulins), lipoproteins, nutrient transporters, and hormone-binding proteins.

The body typically maintains consistent total protein by balancing the levels of albumin and globulins. However, deviations can occur due to various health conditions or medication use.

Low total protein can be associated with malnutrition, liver disease, lung cancer, malabsorption, and certain medications.

Conversely, high total protein may result from chronic inflammation, multiple myeloma, pregnancy, and the use of certain medications. In certain disorders, the albumin-to-globulin ratio or serum protein electrophoresis may be used to further evaluate protein constituents.

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