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November 9, 2022

The Ratio of Albumin to Globulin Matters

Albumin and globulin proteins make up the total protein value in your blood. However, assessing the ratio of albumin to globulin (A/G ratio) can provide more detailed information about different systems in the body. The A/G ratio is normally above 1 as albumin constitutes the majority of protein in circulation. 

A low A/G ratio is often associated with liver dysfunction, critical illness, and immune activation. Low A/G has been associated with liver disease, chronic inflammation, cognitive decline, rheumatoid arthritis, and infection. A lower ratio has also been associated with decreased bone mineral density and may be a useful screening tool for osteoporosis. A low A/G ratio in critical illness has been associated with poorer outcomes and decreased survival.

An elevated A/G ratio is not as common but may be associated with dehydration.

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