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November 6, 2023

Optimal - The Podcast: Episode 21

Optimal - The Podcast: Episode 21 - Naturopathic Medicine and Beyond, an Interview with Dr. Julia Malkowski

Dr. Dicken Weatherby & Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RDN, LDN

Welcome to Episode 21 of Optimal - the Podcast! In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Julia Malkowski, who graduated with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in December 2017, with advanced standing, and a doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine in April 2016 from the National University of Health Sciences.

Dr. Dicken, Beth Ellen, and Dr. Malkowski discuss various topics related to health and wellness. Dr. Malkowski talks about how she came to practice naturopathic medicine. She talks about using naturopathic therapies to get her infant son back to health. She also describes her work with Doctor's Data, highlighting their emphasis on examining markers for intestinal permeability and the examination of the gut flora. At Doctor's Data, they also touch on other fields of expertise like cardiometabolic endocrinology and environmental exposure detoxification.

Additionally, Dr. Malkowski covers multiple types of tests like blood, urine, hair, and stool testing and discusses numerous tests and techniques for determining toxins in the body, including glyphosate and Thallium. She also discusses nutritional assessment using tests of RBC elements and blood spots for vitamin D and DNA methylation.

Ready to optimize your health? Tune in now to learn from Dr. Julia Malkowski about naturopathic medicine, gut health, toxin testing, and more in this episode of Optimal – The Podcast!

Episode Highlights:

  • (01:38) Introduction for Dr. Julia Malkowski 
  • (03:19) Dr. Mikowski's personal journey and how she became involved in healthcare and preventative medicine
  • (06:12) Her education at the National University of Health Sciences
  • (07:43) Dr. Mikowski's current focus and work at Doctor's Data
  • (08:17) Functional testing and the specific tests offered by Doctor's Data
  • (12:58) Insulin sensitivity
  • (14:16) Hepatic detox profile and how it measures phase one and phase two detoxification 
  • (18:05) Blood spot testing and its expansion
  • (24:01) About her day-to-day work at Doctor’s Data
  • (26:05) Geographical distribution of toxins 
  • (31:30) Diet and toxin exposure 
  • (35:07) Practical suggestions for improving health
  • (43:41) Her article published in the Townsend Letter about bacteria and the hunter-gatherer diet

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Click HERE to learn more about Thallium in our food and water.

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