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September 28, 2023

Optimal - The Podcast: Episode 20

Optimal - The Podcast: Episode 20 - Precision Medicine and Advanced Diagnostics, an Interview with Dr. David Brady

Dr. Dicken Weatherby & Beth Ellen DiLuglio, MS, RDN, LDN

Welcome to Episode 20 of Optimal - the Podcast! In this episode, we are joined by Dr. David Brady, Chief Medical Officer of Designs for Health, Inc. and Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, LLC.  

Dr. Dicken, Beth-Ellen, and Dr. Brady discuss the importance of individualized diagnostics in treating complex chronic diseases and emphasize the need to shift from standard medicines to precision ones. Dr. Brady also shares Diagnostic Solutions Lab's novel testing strategy and mission to offer state-of-the-art solutions for successfully treating chronic conditions. He also talks about his experience with several GI microbiota analysis tests. While 16S sequencing is helpful for research, he explains that it is not the best method for making clinical decisions because it lacks quantitative data. For making diagnostic decisions, he recommends targeted quantitative PCR testing instead.

Additionally, Dr. Brady brings up their signature test, the GI map, which combines quantitative PCR and stool chemistry to provide a comprehensive picture of the GI environment. They also discuss the application of modern metabolomics and genomics testing techniques in functional medicine. He suggests employing combination solutions with botanicals and volatile oils as antimicrobials rather than relying solely on sensitivity tests.

Discover the future of precision medicine in treating chronic diseases with cutting-edge diagnostics and innovative testing strategies. Join the conversation today for a healthier tomorrow!

(00:41) Introduction for Dr. David Brady

(02:16) His clinical practice and background

(07:08) The interplay around the identification and the management of complex chronic disease in his experience

(12:24) What type of testing Diagnostic Solutions offers

(16:38) Molecular diagnostics and the GI Effects test

(17:44) The targeted quantitative probes for beneficial organisms, commensals, or opportunistic organisms

(19:58) Overview of the GI map and the leading stool test

(21:49) Opus 23 and Genomic Insight for data analysis

(23:16) Dr. Brady’s favorite natural antibiotic and how to get probiotics to colonize in the gut

(33:01) Diagnostic Solutions Lab and their collaboration with Designs for Health for DSL’s landmark “Spotlight Tests

(41:54) Navigating the DSL website!

(45:08) Metabolomics testing

(49:30) Roles of AI playing in the future of functional integrative, naturopathic, and nutritional medicine

(53:11) Where to find Dr. David Brady

About Dr. David Brady

Dr. David M. Brady has over 30 years of experience as an integrative practitioner and over 25 years in health sciences academia. He is a licensed naturopathic medical physician in Connecticut and Vermont, is board-certified in functional medicine and clinical nutrition, and is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition.

He was the long-time vice president for health sciences and director of the Human Nutrition Institute at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, where he continues to serve as director and professor emeritus. He maintains a private practice within the integrative medicine group Whole Body Medicine, in Fairfield,

Dr. Brady is also the Chief Medical Officer for Designs for Health, Inc. and Diagnostic Solutions Labs, LLC, and is an expert consultant to the nutritional supplement and clinical laboratory industries. He is an internationally sought-after presenter on nutritional, functional, and integrative medicine.

Where to Reach Dr. David Brady

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