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April 3, 2023

Neutrophils are Not Neutral at All

Neutrophils are like first responders, they are first to the scene and indispensable. When challenged with an immune assault, neutrophils release chemicals that can damage and kill microorganisms... they can also consume and eliminate bacteria directly. 

Neutrophil levels increase in the blood early in inflammation, and elevations can be seen with cardiometabolic disorders, including metabolic syndrome and heart disease, and during stress, including emotional stress. Neutrophils are notably elevated in fungal or bacterial infections but may be low in viral infections. Neutrophils may decrease in conditions of immune suppression or malnutrition.

The absolute neutrophil count indicates the total number of cells in circulation while %neutrophils indicates the percentage of white blood cells made up of neutrophils.

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CLICK HERE to learn more about Neutrophils, health consequences, the ODX ranges, etc.

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