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June 14, 2023

Clear Out Your Creatinine to Avoid Metabolic Clutter

Creatinine clearance is a urine test used to evaluate kidney function, particularly the ability of kidneys to expel creatinine, a waste product from muscle metabolism.

Low levels may indicate decreased kidney function, reduced muscle mass, dehydration, shock, aging, or conditions such as renal artery atherosclerosis and cirrhosis with ascites. Conversely, high levels are typically observed during pregnancy or with a high meat diet.

The test, which relies on a 24-hour urine sample, can be influenced by various factors like age, obesity, malnutrition, paralysis, and pregnancy. It requires a diligent collection process to ensure accuracy. Despite its potential to overestimate the glomerular filtration rate, creatinine clearance is a useful tool for monitoring kidney health.

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