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June 17, 2022

Cardio IQ Ion Biomarkers Now In Software

The Cardio IQ ION biomarkers have been added to the ODX software: LDL Particle Number, LDL Small, LDL Medium, LDL Peak Size, and HDL Large.

Quest Diagnostics produces the Cardio IQ test that features 5 ION Mobility lipoprotein subfractions. Ion Mobility is a method that is used to evaluate the size and number of the lipoproteins that carry lipids and other compounds in the blood. This technique uses gas-phase differential electrical mobility to separate lipoproteins, a direct method of assessing lipoprotein subclasses.

Feel free to add results for these biomarkers into the software. Lab importing will pull the results in and we have added all 5 biomarkers to the default templates.


Want to Learn More?

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Cardio IQ ION Test in the ODX Research Blog

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