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November 25, 2022

Balancing Calcium and Phosphorus in Your Blood

Maintaining a healthy calcium to phosphorus ratio in your blood is an important job for the parathyroid gland. A low serum ratio suggests the presence of hypoparathyroidism and should be investigated further.

A significantly lower ratio has also been observed in rheumatoid arthritis and may be associated with oxidative stress. Subjects with rheumatoid arthritis not only had a lower ratio than controls but they also had significantly lower levels of vitamin E and calcium, and significantly higher levels of phosphorus and lipid peroxides.

An elevated ratio may be an indication of hyperparathyroidism or depletion of serum phosphorus (hypophosphatemia) and should be investigated further as well.

The calcium:phosphorus ratio in the blood is not the same as the ratio in food though certain dietary patterns may influence serum ratios. Unhealthy diets are often too low in calcium and too high in phosphorus which is often found in food additives, preservatives, and soft drinks.

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