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December 13, 2022

Antibodies Against Thyroglobulin Isn't a Social Movement

Antibodies to thyroglobulin, the protein precursor to thyroid hormone, represent an autoimmune response to its release into the bloodstream, an event likely due to damage to the thyroid gland. 

This damage may be due to environmental factors, decreased antioxidant protection, and nutrient insufficiencies including magnesium. Administration of magnesium can reduce thyroglobulin antibodies in magnesium-related autoimmunity.

Elevated thyroglobulin antibodies are associated with Hashimoto's, Graves', thyroid cancer, rheumatoid disease, pernicious anemia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, toxic exposures, and oxidative stress. Levels may be elevated with or without elevations in TPO antibodies in subacute thyroiditis.

Low levels of thyroglobulin antibodies suggest the absence or remission of active autoimmune thyroid disease.

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