Aceva products added to software


The Blood Chem Software is excited to announce that we just finished adding the Aceva product line into the software program. So now you can generate the Health Improvement Plan and Product Summary Reports using their products!

To enable the Aceva product line in your account, you must first activate their plugin by either clicking the “Manage Plugins” button on the right of your home page dashboard or click “Plugins” under the “My Account” drop down menu.

Once on the plugins page, please click the red “Enable” underneath the product line buttons. This will allow you to be able to select the Aceva products from the Products menu on the Report Center dashboard.

You can also browse the products by visiting the “Product Reference Guide” under the Clinical Tools drop-down menu on the horizontal navigation.

For those of you not familiar with Aceva, please visit to learn more about their products.

The Aceva Difference

Aceva provides synergistic formulations with simple names that help guide their use as well as clinical protocols, strong educational platforms and an industry-leading support network for both patients and practitioners.

A Proactive Health Approach

Aceva is an industry leader of clinically-validated formulations. We obsess over achieving positive health outcomes for those in crisis, as well as the optimization of metabolic function for a proactive approach to wellness.

Guaranteed Effectiveness

Our quality drives your results. Backed by our 14 steps of product inspection, our quality is guaranteed. A natural approach to health is not a quick fix, but a remedy that works with your body instead of against it is likely to result in improved health and a more satisfying life. We stand behind our products and protocols 100%.

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