Using the latest in research and practice, your patient’s blood test biomarkers are interpreted using our ground-breaking analysis and logical methods. By combining a collection of rules, scoring, weighting, probability, uncertainty, and inference, we've produced the most powerful interpretive "Functional Health Report" available anywhere. The Blood Chem Software is truly in a league of its own. Read more about How It Works.

Patient & Practitioner Report Versions

Generate patient-specific as well as enhanced practitioner-only reports.

Custom Branding

Include your own logo and practice contact information.

Include One Or Multiple Reports

You choose whether to combine multiple reports into a single PDF, or print them off separately.

Add Your Own Notes

Add your own patient-specific text to the report such as chief complaints or patient health goals.

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Include Product Recommendations

Add branded or generic product recommendations from some of the most respected supplement companies in the industry to both the in-depth Health Improvement Plan and Product Summary reports.

Metagenics Designs for Health XYMOGEN Numedica Biotics Research Apex Energetics Cytoplan Standard Process Premier Research Labs Orthomolecular Moss Nutrition Aceva Biogenetix

Your Patient Dashboard

Manage your patient’s details, view and add lab tests as well as schedule upcoming ones, using your Patient Dashboard.

In addition, learn what’s most important with your patient based on their latest and past lab results with the following snapshots:

  • History Snapshot
  • Functional System Snapshot
  • Nutrient System Snapshot
  • Top 5 Clinical Dysfunctions Snapshot
Your Patient Dashboard

Create Custom Lab Templates

Not all lab result sheets have the biomarkers listed in the same order. Create your own unique lab template to use in the application– as many as you like. Choose from over 100 biomarkers currently built into the software.

Dr. Weatherby’s Male, Female, and CBC/Hematology templates are built-in to the application and ready to go anytime you want them.

Create Custom Lab Templates

Track Change Over Time

Build a patient history as you continue to add new lab tests. Easily monitor and report improvement over time and see that your protocols and treatments are working and your patient is moving in the right direction.

Track Change Over Time

100% Global Access

Report in Conventional (U.S.) Units or Standard International (S.I.). Easily switch between the 2 on a per lab-test basis. Generate reports in either U.S. or S.I. units – regardless of which units the lab tests were recorded.

We can support you and your practice – wherever you or your patient’s are in the world.

Blood Chem Software Global Support

Use our built-in conversion calculator for any individual values you want to convert.

We support practitioners in countries – including Australia, the US, Canada, Ireland, and more.

Integrated Blood Chemistry and CBC Reference Guides

Gain complete access to the full breadth of Dr. Weatherby’s Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis book for your reference and research needs.

In addition to the standalone reference guide, the material is highly integrated and linked throughout the software and practitioner-version Functional Health Reports – a must-have research tool right at your fingertips.

Integrated Blood Chemistry and CBC Reference Guides

Important Functional Ratios, Calculated Automatically.

Gain a better understanding of your patient’s adrenal function, protein status, kidney health, B vitamin status, etc. with an ever-growing list of essential Functional Medicine ratios that are automatically calculated for you.

Important Functional Ratios, Calculated Automatically.

Easily Import Patients & Lab Tests

Save a lot of time by uploading or automatically importing your patients and their lab test results.

Easily Import Patients & Lab Tests
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Patient and Lab Test Management Features Built In

Continuity of care is an important aspect of practice management, so we built in 2 features to help you keep track of your patient’s lab tests:

1.Tracking overdue lab tests

2. Scheduling Lab Tests

Patient and Lab Test Management Features Built In

Tracking Overdue Tests

With hundreds of patients in your database it can be hard to keep track of who has had a lab test performed recently. We don’t want to let patients slip through the cracks, which is why we built in a system, to indicated those patients that have not had a lab test done in the last 120 days and in the last 300 days.

Schedule Your Patient Lab tests

Encourage follow up appointments by scheduling future lab tests.

Don’t let your patients, and missed practice income, fall through the cracks. You’ll be reminded when the scheduled time draws near so you can provide the best continuity of care.

Lab Test Comparison

It’s essential to be able to show change to your patients, which is why built in a test comparison feature into the Blood Test Results report.

When a second test is added into the system you can see the result of the new test laid out next to the results from the last test.

We even mark whether there is improvement or not with a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down! A great way to quickly and easily show change to your patients.

Lab Test Comparison

Our Direct Import Partners

Easily import your lab tests, avoiding manual data entry, from one of our approved lab partners.

Evexia Ulta Lab Tests
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