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The FBCA Mastery Training - Blood Interpretation Made Easy

Evaluate and diagnose your patients better by using Dr. Dicken Weatherby’s step-by-step method to Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

About Dr. Dicken Weatherby

Your Instructor

A board-certified Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Weatherby is a leading expert in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. Dr. Weatherby has authored six widely referenced books in the field of Functional Diagnostics and has lectured to thousands of doctors internationally, teaching techniques to analyze blood test results from a functional, nutritional and preventive perspective. With his expert understanding of Functional and Naturopathic medicine, Dr. Weatherby will teach you the end-to-end process of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, a system that guarantees you’ll get more from the lab tests you are already ordering and help you boost your business or practice.

Why This Course

Expert FBCA Knowledge at Your Fingertips

This 12-week online course provides you the tools for assessing, diagnosing and evaluating your patients from a functional perspective with the expertise of Dr. Weatherby. Featuring lifetime access to 12 core training modules and additional training from leading functional medicine experts, this course will set you up for success in blood chemistry analysis.

The Formula for Success

Success in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis depends on three key components: The right knowledge, the right tools and Optimal DX's prestigious certification

A Program For All Medical Professionals

Whether you’re a student, a solo practitioner expanding your services, or an experienced practitioner wanting to continue your education, Dr. Weatherby’s program offers something for everyone.

Recent Graduates You’ll stay up to date with your blood analysis knowledge with our program. As the leading global expert of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Dr. Weatherby is the ultimate resource to continue your education into the Functional Diagnostics field. Course Package For You
Grow Your Services By offering cutting-edge blood chemistry analysis, you will help your patients achieve their optimum health. Mastering Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis helps you assess your patients' dysfunction faster and more accurately, ensuring you can answer their most-pressing health concerns. Course Package For You
Continue Your Education No matter where you are in your career, staying up to date on the latest FBCA techniques and technologies is crucial. Through this program, you will gain a further understanding into your client’s health and boost your practice’s reliability. Course Package For You

Sign Up for Our Courses

Choose between our mastery training courses or our certification track to best meet your practice’s needs.

Training Track
$997 Training Track: Our FBCA Mastery Training Track offers a remote learning experience that will take your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis skills to the next level.
  • 12 Core Training Modules
  • Lifetime Access
  • Audio and PDF Downloads
  • Bonus Training from Leading Functional Medicine Experts
Certification Track
$1497 Certification Track: Training Track + Software + Certification: The FBCA Mastery Training Program + a 3-Month Professional Software Account + the ODX Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Specialist Certification
  • All Features from the Training Track
  • A Free 3-Month Professional Blood Chem Software Account ($525 Value!)
  • “Ask Me Anything” Access
  • 11 Review Quizzes
  • Final Certification Exam
  • Case Study Presentation
  • Printed Certificate
  • CEUs for NDs and LAcs

Set Yourself Apart With an FBCA Certification

Our FBCA Certification Track is set to take your skills as a Functional Blood Analyst to the next level.

Why Get Certified? Differentiate your practice with your knowledge of cutting-edge blood analysis techniques. Learn to apply methods and strategies to expand your current diagnostic offerings and earn a certification that proves you’re an expert at the practice of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.
Who Should Get Certified? Patients are increasingly seeking out FBCA specialists for their expertise. This program is a must-have for any healthcare professional who wants to interpret their patient’s blood tests from a functional perspective, such as naturopaths, acupuncturists, nutritional coaches, functional medicine practitioners and other medical practitioners.
Earn Continuing Education Credits Practitioners who sign up for the Certification Track are eligible to earn up to 35 continuing education credits. This training course has been approved for 35 Category 1 hours of Continuing Medical Education by the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners, as well as for 35 Category 1 hours of continuing education for LAcs from the California Acupuncture Board.
Gain Free Software Access By signing up for the Certification Track, you’ll gain 3 months of free access to the Optimal DX Software platform at the Professional tier. Immediately put your knowledge to use and benefit from robust capabilities offered by the Optimal DX Software.
Perfect Your Practice Certifications showcase your and your practice’s expertise. As a top resource in the medical field, Optimal DX will put your clinic out in front of thousands of people searching to improve their healthcare outcomes.

30-Day Guarantee

After signing up for the Mastery Training course, you have a full 30 days to preview its contents. If you decide this course isn’t a good fit for you and your practice, get in touch with the Optimal DX team and we’ll issue a full refund. For those enrolled in the Certification Track, you’ll also have a free 30-day access to the Optimal DX Software platform. If FBCA doesn’t seem like something you want to offer, don’t worry; we’ll refund you with no questions asked.


Check out what some of our graduates have to say about Dr. Weatherby’s program.


“I have been studying Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis for 15 years. I have studied with several different organizations. My training with Optimal Dx has been a tremendous breakthrough for me as a functional health care provider.”

Michelle GambleDoctor of Naturopathy

“Dicken, I want to give out a big shout out—your mastery course in functional blood chemistry analysis is great! The 16 week format is doable for everyone. (If I can do it anyone can.)”

Steve EdlingDoctor of Chiropractic

“I have been studying functional blood analysis for close to 40 years, and yet I have been so impressed with your course. [...] It helps me to think through and understand the causes behind the dysfunctions and diseases so much more clearly. Thank you for all the time and effort you must have done to make such a fine course”

Gurusahay KhalsaDoctor of Chiropractic

Browse Our Training Track Modules

Your practice’s future of accurate functional blood analysis is just 12 weeks away!

1: Intro to Blood Testing & the Functional Approach

 In the first four lessons, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of FBCA and go over the best methods for analyzing your patients’ blood test results. You’ll discover what blood test biomarkers you want to see on your panels and how to easily review them with your patients. FInally, we’ll introduce you to the 50+ major metabolic patterns that we will dig into during the rest of the training.

2: G.I. Function

Understanding functionality is key for blood analysis. In these seven lessons, you will dive into the physiology of digestion, absorption and excretion to better understand how these processes affect blood work. Then, we’ll break down dysfunctions and how the role of blood test biomarkers play in uncovering common dysfunctional metabolic patterns for your patients. These patterns play a part in assessing and monitoring patients with hypochlorida, H. pylori, gastric inflammation, pancreatic insufficiency, dysbiosis and intestinal hyperpermeability.

3: Liver & Gallbladder Function

In these six lessons, you’ll dive deep into the functional physiology of the hepato-biliary system. You’ll learn key indicators of oxidative stress and how to identify the five common functional hepato-biliary problems that can be detected with blood tests. Discover how to differentiate complex problems in the biliary tree and the best method for pinpointing liver dysfunction in a patient. Lastly, you’ll learn how to use Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis to uncover systemic toxicity and heavy metal body burden.

4: Red Blood Cell Function & Nutritional Anemias

In these five lessons, you’ll take an in-depth look at red cell function and physiology through the lens of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. Explore nutritional anemias and the three minor causes of this condition. We’ll define the biomarker that most practitioners leave out of their analysis, as well discover a relatively new biomarker to assist in assessing for B12 deficiency.

5: Nutrient Deficiencies

Our bodies run on nutrients, which makes them a key part of blood functionality. In these six lessons, you’ll take a look at functional problems associated with vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can be detected with blood tests. You’ll explore the roles of hormone regulation and anion gap in assessing a body’s balance. Finally, you’ll discover how to analyse essential fatty acid deficiencies using biomarkers.

6: Blood Sugar Regulation

In these five lessons, we’ll take a look at the soaring cases of diabetes and obesity and discover how Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis can best flag major blood sugar issues before they become disease. We’ll break down the nine biomarkers you can use to get to the bottom of your patient’s blood sugar regulation issues and uncover the metabolic patterns linked to each stage. Then, we’ll dig deeper into some advanced biomarkers, calculators and new Functional Medicine ratios that will set your practice apart from others.

7: Adrenal & Kidney Function

In these five lessons, you’ll get an in-depth look at the functional physiology of adrenal glands. We’ll look at the regulation of adrenal hormone release and dive into how to use biomarkers on a blood test to look for lifestyle-based adrenal dysfunctions. You’ll explore renal anatomy and physiology and learn how to differentiate kidney dysfunction from kidney disease. 

8: Thyroid Function

In these six lessons, you’ll break down the functional physiology and biochemistry of the thyroid gland to better understand your patient’s thyroid conditions. We’ll review the biomarkers and essential ratios that you must run to assess your patient’s thyroid problems and examine the role each of these biomarkers play in the six metabolic patterns of hypothyroidism. You will dig into the clinical indicators of hyperactive thyroid dysfunction and autoimmune thyroiditis, while learning how to detect these conditions before they manifest into full-blown disease.

9: Cardiovascular Function and Inflammation

These six lessons take a comprehensive look at cardiovascular risk and inflammation. You’ll explore the 20+ biomarkers from a standard blood test that are independent risk factors for early cardiovascular disease and the role that inflammation plays in cardiovascular dysfunction in the body. We’ll take a look at apolipoproteins and the eight specialized biomarkers of the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) lipoprofile play in uncovering lipid-related coronary heart disease. Finally, you’ll discover eight new biomarkers that can be measured on a blood test to further assess inflammation.

10: Sex Hormone & Prostate Function

In these six lessons, you’ll take a look at the functional physiology of female and male sex hormone regulation and sex hormone biochemistry. Discover the 12 major sex hormone biomarkers that appear in the blood and learn how to uncover hidden causes of female and male hormone disfunction. You’ll gain a thorough review of the main biomarkers to look for when assessing your patient’s risk of prostate dysfunction.

11: Immune Function

These six lessons will take you through the function and physiology of the immune system. You’ll dive into how to identify the biomarkers that relate to the immune system and how to assess them for immune dysfunction, allergies and immune over-activity. We’ll explore standard immune biomarkers on a complete blood count (CBC) test as well as four immunoglobulins and the two main autoimmune biomarkers. Additionally, we’ll touch on the in-office method of Coca Pulse Testing, which assesses patients for allergies.

12: Putting It All Together

In these final five lessons, we will review all the information from previous lessons and how they all correlate together. You’ll learn how to use blood testing for foundational care, take a look at cash flow in practice, explore how Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis can become a profitable income stream and assist with treatment planning. Finally, in our four case studies, Dr. Weatherby will show you firsthand how to unlock the wealth of information within a blood test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review some frequently asked questions about our program below.

When does the training start?

Once you register and set up your ODX Academy login, you can begin your courses! Modules 1 and 2 are live right away with one new training module added every week. You will receive an email from Dr. Weatherby when the next module is live and ready to view. Register Now

How is this program delivered?

This 12-week Mastery Training program is accessed through the online training center of ODX Academy. The program begins the day you enroll and each week, you’ll gain access to a new training module. You have the flexibility to participate in this training 24/7 from your home or office. Your lifetime access to the program allows you to review previous sessions at any time.

How long do I have access to the training material?

After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like.

Are the training sessions held at a specific time and day each week? What’s the schedule?

No, the training sessions are not taught in real time. One new training session video is released every week, and you will be notified via email when you can access the latest session. You receive lifetime access to the training material, so you can learn at your own pace!

I won’t be able to make many of the training sessions. Can I get access to them later?

No need to stress about your schedule, the training sessions are not live! Each session has been previously recorded and the training material is available to all enrollees in the ODX Academy. You have the option to stream video of the presentations and download audio of all sessions in an MP3 format to take on the go. You can access these recordings 24/7 from anywhere through your ODX Academy account.

When do I get when I register for the FBCA Mastery Training Program?

You receive 12 information-packed training sessions with Dr. Dicken Weatherby that will walk you through the steps to successfully integrate and implement a Functional Analysis of your patient’s blood test results. Additionally, you will receive access to our online training center ODX Academy, video and audio replays of lectures that are accessible 24/7 and bonus lectures from Functional Medicine experts.

For those on the certification track, you receive these benefits plus a free 3-month trial of ODX’s Blood Chem software, access to “Ask Me Anything”, 10 bonus quizzes at the end of each module, a final examination and an opportunity to sit for your Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Certification!

What sort of certification will I receive?

By successfully completing our Certification Track, you will become a Certified Functional Blood Chemistry Analyst. You will receive a formal certificate authorized by Dr. Weatherby and the ODX Academy and will receive an email copy of your certificate.

Can I earn Continuing Education credits?

For those of you on the Certification + Software Track, you can get CEUs for our training. The Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Mastery Training Program has received approval for 35 Category 1 hours of Continuing Medical Education from the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners, which is considered a source of CEUs for NDs throughout the USA and this course has also been approved by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider Number 1546, for 35 Category 1 hours of continuing education for LAcs.

Does this training include treatment protocols?

No, the training does not include treatment protocols. This training is focused on assessment and diagnosis.

What’s “Ask Me Anything”?

For those on the Certification + Software Track, you get access to “Ask Me Anything.” This is a feature built into the ODX software application as a way to get answers to your training questions. Simply log into the ODX software and ask away! Dr. Weatherby and his research team will dive into the questions and answer them in the ODX knowledge base. You will receive an email when your question is answered.