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Gain the Answers You Need, Faster

As a licensed medical practitioner, finding answers to your patients’ most pressing medical questions can be a time-consuming task, and time is in short supply. With Optimal DX, you’ll find answers faster than ever before.

Naturopathic Physicians

Become Your Patients’ Trusted Guide

Practitioners of Naturopathic Medicine need to know their patients inside and out in order to best support the body’s self-healing capabilities. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis represents one of the most insightful ways to learn about your patients’ health status.

Functional Medicine Physicians

Find Answers More Efficiently

In Functional Medicine, patients don’t always have the time to wait for the results of a battery of tests to tell them why they’re suffering. Using Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Functional Medicine practitioners can pinpoint the major area of dysfunction and direct further testing more strategically. Find answers for your patients faster and treat their dysfunction before it evolves into disease using Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

Doctors of Chiropractic

Improve Your Business and Patients’ Lives

Providing Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is the perfect complement to your Chiropractic services. Act as an extension of your patients’ primary care physicians, generate referrals and follow-ups, provide more actionable health advice and enable new revenue streams using Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.


Discover the Impact of Your Treatment

With the Optimal DX Software, Acupuncturists can quantify the impact of their treatment plans on their patients’ blood biomarker profiles. Watch as patients trend towards or away from optimal health and adjust your treatment accordingly.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear how our customers have transformed their practice with the Optimal DX Software platform.


“Patients are very impressed by what they are seeing, and the blood chemistry report only gives us more credibility with patients. It gives them an outline of what could be going on that just blows away what they are getting from their doctor.”

Dr. Dennis GodbyNaturopathic Doctor at the Sacramento Naturopathic Medical Center

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“For me, the blood chemistry software is the centerpiece of my guidance system and helping people to understand what it is that’s really going on with their physiology and helping me to work my way through the decision-making relative to that.”

Dr. Brad RachmanMedical Director of the Rachman Clinic in Black Mountain, North Carolina

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“Transitioning over to Functional Medicine is very, very important. [...] You really need to find a niche that works for you that would be economically feasible and then utilize good tools such as the Functional Medicine blood chemistry analysis, the software that [Dr. Weatherby] has created. This is a very vital tool so that you can really utilize your time appropriately and make accurate decisions.”

Dr. Richard PowellFounder of Greater Chicago Functional Health

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