Optimal DX Availability in the U.K.

Thanks for your interest in the Optimal DX platform. We've partnered with U.K. based company, Functional Diagnostix, Ltd., to provide bundled reporting and lab testing services for practitioners from the United Kingdom and Ireland. If you're practicing in this region, please contact them directly at https://functionaldx.com/

Functional Dx provides high-quality blood testing services in the UK and are now the exclusive licensed provider of blood chemistry analysis services utilizing the Optimal DX platform in the UK and into Europe in the near future.

Functional DX is not only focused on Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis but also the development of their own blood testing services through very competitively priced blood panels. Functional Dx has an increased level of service for UK and European based practitioners that we cannot deliver from the USA.

To preserve the exclusivity of the UK/European license, we will no longer be opening software accounts for U.K. and Ireland practitioners in the U.S. based blood chemistry software program.

We encourage you to make contact with Functional Dx to get more info on their products and services:



Phone Number: 0203 750 0875
Web: http://FunctionalDx.com
Email: info@functionaldx.com