What Is Optimal?- An ODX White Paper

Download Optimal DX's White Paper on "What Is Optimal - Striving for Optimal Blood Chemistry Results and Optimal Health". With over 130 cited references, this paper is a deep dive into an essential topic in Functional Blood Chemistry - the optimal range.

At the heart of this White Paper is a thorough review of the ways standard reference ranges are established and why optimal ranges work better for the Functional Medicine practice. To demonstrate this concept of optimal ranges we review 6 representative biomarkers: Glucose, Homocysteine, Iron, TSH, Vitamin D and Magnesium. In this whitepaper we will examine how “normal” levels of these blood biomarkers are often associated with dysfunction anddisease and how levels that fall within the optimal range are associated with better patient outcomes. By examining these biomarkers in detail, we can gain a clearer picture of what optimal ranges are and why Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is the best tool for guiding patients’ blood biomarker levels back to healthier levels.

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