Learn how to implement Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) into your practice

Dr. Dicken Weatherby's FBCA Blueprint: Discover the System That’s Revolutionizing Healthcare Practices


Across the world, healthcare practitioners are implementing Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis (FBCA) into their practices. With cutting-edge FBCA tools and knowledge at their disposal, these practitioners are:

  • Attracting new patients who are searching for answers to their most pressing health concerns
  • Finding those answers faster and treating dysfunction earlier
  • Generating follow-up visits and preventing the occurrence of disease

How Do I Implement FBCA in My Practice?

If you're ready to start bringing more meaning, more actionable insights, and stronger outcomes for your clinic, we’ve assembled Dr. Dicken Weatherby's definitive guide on how to start practicing FBCA: The FBCA Blueprint: How to Implement FBCA into Your Clinic.

Download the free guide to learn:

  • The basics of FBCA and how it fits into your practice
  • The benefits of FBCA
  • Recommendations for making and running FBCA appointments
  • The Foundational Elements of an FBCA implementation


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